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Jessica Stark

The Return Of Experiment 626(Character)

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(so seeing as i returned with Jessica Stark, and the invention Iron Girl my 2 main RP characters, i thought i may as well bring back her enemy...or at least someone from that enemy which is a company who seek's to outdo in their minds, a stupid Technology suit which they believe is useless)

Name: Experiment 626 also known as Amy

Race: Beast + Augmentation for strength

Origin: 626 was made to be better and stronger than Jessica's Iron Girl project, as 626 was made the old fashioned way with no tech used. This company want's to prove that you don't need tech to save the world, all you need is a creature as 626 is a Beast and all the liquid in the world which was injected into 626.

Lone Wolf: 626 operates alone, and doesn't need an artificial intelligence like Jessica does. All she needs is her com link to report to base, her strong keen eye sight and her strength. Although, if she likes you...she will tag along in your battles.

Goal: Her goal is to eventually get rid of Jessica and her Suit Project, and become the best out of the 2. she and Jessica are both operating for their companies to be the best. While Jessica is not trying to outdo 626's company, she does eventually want to do the same and shut down 626...somehow...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Below is 626

Experiment 626

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