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Jessica Stark

Introduction To The A.I That Runs Jessica's Suit (Character)

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(So if any of you are new here and see me in PSU, and you see me text out scenarios or conversations and nobody is with me and you kinda feel like i am talking to myself? well, its actually me Role Playing. i still maybe one of the only player's you will find on PSU Clem that RP's. i knew i was back on the old testing server from 2017. but now that the rewrite is out, i'm hoping i wont't be alone. So i'm here to introduce another character that i RP commuicating with as she is part of the Iron Girl Suit's interface, and part of Jessica's Glasses Tech)

Name: Amanda

Species: Artificial intelligence Computer Program

Origin: Amanda was originally programed and made in Parum on the AMF Metro Linear for the Alliance Military Force and worked under the CEO, but he was cruel to her and used up all her power to create the Tech for their weapons.

Rescue Mission: Professor Jessica Stark, who at the time was about to start her Iron Girl Project, was sent down there with a sqaud to kill the CEO, Jessica even back then could barely fight having little to no experience with Weapons so her mission was just to research for the Coloney without being detected

Amanda Salvaged: But, the boss had detected her and sent some of the new machine's after her, thinking she wouldn't last "She is nothing more than a little child *laughs* why send a little girl to stop me" but before he could say anything else, he felt a huge knife going through his chest with a bomb on it, and she said "Because i'm clever, Science guides me!" and he exploded. Before Jessica left, she saw Amanda appear on screen

Part 2: Amanda was worried that she would be shut down almost immediately, but Jessica spoke "You seem Valuable, i see Potential and you might just be what i need" Amanda, glad of the freedom accepted her new owner and was plugged from the system as Jessica and the team fled the facility

Installed Into Iron Girl: Amanda had been transfered into a chip in a storage drive so that she could be easily carried. Being that she was a very old A.I and not very modern, at first getting her into the interface tech of the prototype Iron Girl suit wasn't very easy. But in the end, with a little upgrade she was installed and has remained the suit's interface eversince

Iron Girl Upgrade: Now in 2019, since their return Amanda is very much still operational and is getting to grips with the Iron Girl Suit as it recently passed its Prototype stage and is almost an official suit. Amanda has communicated with other Guardian's as of latley and has recieved good responses and bad responses. But, she is happy to serve her Professor/Master Jessica Stark

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