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Jessica Stark

The Return Of Professer Jessica (Character Update)

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(I Didn't know where to post this, as i'm still looking around the new site, so i'll just post this in here for now. and like i've said before as i used to do these on the old site, feel free to ignore these)

So where we saw Professer Jessica last was in 2018, she was working on a prototype of her Iron Girl Project. It was in its early testing stages as people did see her use it. She was allowed to start working at the Guardian's coloney on the 5th floor in the labs at the age of 7 and worked her way up to being a Chief Scientist at the age of 9 to begin her project of being Iron Girl.

Flash forward to now 2019, and after not seeing her at the guardian's coloney for a few months, she has returned. and at the age of 10, but in June will be 11. she now has returned to her Iron Girl project and has successful made the suit almost official. it has passed its prototype stage, it has gotten a redesign, and new weaponery. And the old A.I Amanda has been upgraded too and operates as the suit's interface as normal.

Jessica and Iron Girl are back 🙂 off to save the world again! and if you ever happen to see her and join her battles you might be in for a good ride ^^

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