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Can't save changes in Options (screen size empty)


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I recently installed the Clementine client on my laptop (I've been playing on my desktop). I set the screen size to 1280x720 and launched. It seemed t be running fine, so I backed out to set up my controller the way it is on my desktop. When I tried to hit "Enter" to save changes, it gave me a "Screen size has not been selected" error message.

Sure enough, that dropdown menu was empty. I closed the options app and reopened it. Same thing. Rebooted my computer. Nothing.

It worked the first time, so I'm not sure what changed.

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Necro Bump.

Just wanted to bump this as almost 1 1/2 years later it is still an issue to be looked into.  It only appears to be a problem with very few people (myself included) and changing from 32 to 16 bit (or 16 to 32 bit) doesn't help.

Also it seems to be a Laptop only issue as the three reported problems (that I have seen) with this have all come from Laptop users.

Not sure if the options can be easily adjusted to let you save them without entering in a screen size, but it would be helpful if so. 

Either that or some other way of fixing it.  I'll try any suggestions (other than buying a desktop).

Even though I am having this issue I am still very much enjoying my time back in PSU, and thank you to all involved for making this private server.

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