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Dallgun Shop Request Thread

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Dallgun is temporary, so the shop wont be there forever and will be removed eventually, and it doesn't look like anyone is complaining about weps eaither?🤔

Also, since we're only able to go to 100 right now, the cost of an op or endgame item/wep would be very high and we would have to grind a LOT of meseta in missions and hope that people buy from your shop, so it's not that easy...


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5 hours ago, Tes said:

It amazes me how easy so many people want to make the game. What with PA's exp boosts and shops selling end game weapons. Eventually will come the complaints about lack of content because people got high end items too easily.

We don't want this server to wind up like some of the PSOBB servers where it takes little to no time and a few decent event drops to have end game loot.

You also forget the game is in testing, the game technically has not officially launched. yes its fun to play but what good is it going to do anyone if you don't report bugs and try every little thing to make sure that it works correctly. Once the game resets and everything is in working order then we can go from there. that's my opinion tho.

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・Pumpkinhead or Pumpkin Trick

・Mukplasma (mukudengeki)

・Gudda Plasma (gudda・dengeki)

・Hand Spear or Hand Spear +


These items are seasonal or event specific and are not currently available
I think that adding it is not a problem because it is not an item that destroys the game balance

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