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Sweet FX : Tutorial Picture by Picture


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I know Metsume posted the Photon FX Shader Mod and I'm not sure if it's the same but I've been using Sweet FX.

 First thing is first it's best to have Open GL 2.1 or higher capabilities and be playing in Direct X 9+ that last one is an obvious though lol.

The links below are not download pop-ups you have the choice to review the parent website and determine if you feel safe but so far it hasn't effected me since 2014. It's really easy to mess up a step so follow closely.


We need to start here Download the shader files for Sweet FX here --->> https://sfx.thelazy.net/downloads/





Next I'm pretty sure this is optional but lets just follow this guide for simplicity, download the file here --->> https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/4023/




Okay now that we have the files let's create a temp desktop file called Sweet FX , you will need an extractor program there are plenty on the web I prefer using " 7z. "

Open your Extractor program or right click the " SweetFX_1_5-23364 " file and extract it into the SweetFX folder we manually made.




Now let's just click and drag the " SweetFX_Settings_Phantasy Star Universe_PSU Ultra " into the SweetFX folder we manually made.




Last we need to Download the " SweetFX Configurator " located here --->> http://sweetfx.thelazy.net/?cat=3




Drag or Copy the contents into the SweetFX folder we manually made. If it asks you to Overwrite and Replace, do so replace files.




Last Step before you get to configuring  🙂
Now that we have everything in one place click drag or copy the contents of the SweetFX folder we have prepared into your PSU Clementine directory folder that has the Online and PSUC.exe in them. 







Once we have everything setup go into your PSU Clementine folder and Open the SweetFX Configurator >> Bottom Left Click  "Add new game "  >> Select  " PSUC " .  You should see PSUC.exe on the top left  and it should say Active (13) to the side. If you see this everything has been done correctly so far. Screenshot for referencing.




Okay so now that we're here there's not much I can tell you. Everyone's computer is different so there isn't really an all in one setting. What you do here to edit the effects is you click on " PSUC.exe " on the top left you'll see this area populate with different types of settings. Each setting you click on has subsettings and precise configurations you can make. It's best to start low then raise the settings to your liking. The best ones to edit in my opinion are the following below.

FXAA Anti-aliasing ,Bloom ,HDR ,Luma Sharpen ,Levels ,Lift Gamma Gain ,Tonemap ,Vibrance ,Vignette

I've provided an example of what it would look like when you click on Bloom in the red boxes I've marked. Each setting has a good but brief description of the type of changes it will inflict on the post processing.





Once you've made all the changes you click  " Save new Config " on the bottom middle then click " Save / Load configuration " on the lower right side. A pop-up window should appear make a name on the lower left and click new preset. Click on the preset name in the Preset list on the top left then click Export Preset. Export to " SweetFX_Settings_Phantasy Star Universe_PSU Ultra " which should be in the folder that has opened up if not search for your PSU Clemetine folder and do so , replace the folder and that's it.


You can press the Scroll Lock key on your Keyboard to toggle the effect's in-game but as I noticed my Alienware Laptop doesn't have that so you might need to use a USB Keyboard which is what I have been using i guess I never noticed because I always use my USB keyboard lol.


Any questions ask me I'll try to answer promptly.



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The Results with some tuning. I do play Fullscreen but i had to window it without borderless to get the FN+Printscreen to work for some reason.

Edited : I should probably say the left half is without the Sweet FX and the right half is with Sweet FX


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