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Event Idea

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Invasion of Darkness on the Guardian's Colony

Event Trade in Area : Max Players 12 or 24. Depending on whether or not the Game lobby can handle it. This will be a lobby that becomes created when a player Hosts a 1Player up to 6 player mission it will create a 12/24 player lobby that cannot be privated. Similar to PSO2 Lobby system. This will be a non-combat area so players weapons will be unequiped or leave it alone if the Game Lobby can handle it. All in all if you can't do this make it a solo quest that starts straight into the block.

If the Above is out of the question the 5th Floor NPC can have items added to it for trade-in for the event time.

Event Trade in NPC : PSU AOTI has an area that has 3 NPCs that are girls the Cake Girls I don't remember what it's called, Anyways These NPCs will require Special Trade-in Items. Example - Dark Photon Reactor A x50 requirement for a  " Random Element , Random Element % " This Item can either drop on the floor or automatically go into the players inventory. OR Inventory then the floor if the inventory is full.
     Crystal Drop Percentage
 C-15% x1
 B-20% x1
 A-25% x1-2
 S-25% x1-3
  Rare Crystal Drop Rate On All Missions
 This can drop in all missions and are the same percentage.

    Enemy Infection Rate
This is an " If Possible " Thing
Infection rate spawn in missions part of the event. 15% Spawn rate, Enemy stats boosted by 12%. These Enemys add a 5% drop rate to the Crystal Drop Chart.

     Infected Drop chart for Enemy Infection Rate.
C-20% x1
B-25% x1
A-30% x1-2
S-35% x1-3

     Rare Crystal Drop Rate

All Missions on the Guardian's Colony are elegible for this Event.

The purpose for the event is to get some items into circulation that are otherwise unobtainable and fun \o/ .

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