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Custom Music Mod (4th Floor, 5th Floor, Lobbies, etc)


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sorry for the video quality if it does bother anybody but I do say exactly what to do on the tool.

- At the beginning of the video my audio did get cutoff, and I do apologize. I said: Today I will be showing you how to use custom music on PSU.

- Keep in mind I made this video when I did not have access to the old server, I however had access to the old test server.

- For anybody that gets lost below the video will be a text tutorial as well as text doc files with some of the basic areas with music, etc.



Text Tutorial

1. Download and install PES Sound Converter.

2.  Once installed, open the program and change the conversion types to be MP3 to ADX

3. Drag and drop or browse for a song, and click next.

4. You should now be in the settings tab, go ahead and tick [Save ADX file with complete loop from start to end]

5. Save the converted file wherever you wish.

6. Look at the music list and find the one you wish to replace and rename the converted ADX file to the songs name [Example: Clyez City G Colony e189f5205c961dcea1feba0007cba2bd] and remove the .adx extension. 

You must have file type extensions visible to remove file extensions directly, go here for a tut on how to make file type extensions visible

7. Move the new custom song to your PSU: Clem DATA folder, You can either replace the file, or backup the original file then replace.

- I recommend you backup the original file.



1. PES Sound Converter: https://mega.nz/#!1ltUmI6b!tdhX4WMr1upNAvl81l7GFwN-u0qwa8QZSqawMfU_9Bk

- Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/1f4e323320440dd5e1ca9d03d8ea9a2afcb54a9433262e8881f89dd493d77e40/detection

The scan has 1 false positive. If you don't feel safe using the sound converter then do not use it. The sound converter is 100% safe. 
Look up PES Sound Converter, or find another MP3 to ADX sound converter that will loop from start to end. However that's the only converter I found that would work properly!

Here is another tut for those that do not trust PES Sound Converter, but the process is much longer to accomplish.

2. PSU Music List UPDATED: https://mega.nz/#!181xmCzR!uSsyQTIZ8tZfhDvGX4_AeIhxM2d9JOdL-ML9osQ3TZE

- Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/5482c07e8377de43b7c68b3bd3804f83b741a3bf283ea9f0cbc14653c5d996e9/detection


IMPORTANT: How you get your mp3 files is on you! I do not condone piracy in anyway shape or form.

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On 5/13/2019 at 7:21 PM, JoycieC said:

Hey thanks for posting this info, it's pretty fun to change things up a little in-game!

Does this also apply to Sound Effects and Voices?



I honestly don’t know I never bothered to even look, I’ll have to go get the English voice patch and see what files are what, currently have no time atm, as for sound effects I don’t have those mapped out either so can’t say for certain 

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On 5/25/2019 at 7:20 PM, Matriotix said:

Also your music list is missing " 35acae7ccb21b8857332b869e965406f " for "Gmarch."

Nice finding !

In fact, few years ago, there was on the PSU official forum a tutorial made by... I don't remember who, which explained how to make custom music for the game. I didn't have any interest on it, but I found it cool how easy it was to "extract" (and eventually convert) music from this game, that I decided to list "almost" every tracks (and propose a batch file, that you have partially on the 1st post, to make this easier).

In fact, by ignoring .adx added to archives, the latest version of PSU:AotI includes 191 .adx

The list has only 130 entries. Why that ?
Because it was based on the in-game jukebox. That explains the typo I kept for "Raia" and "Eathan" (they were existant ingame :

I thought I'd have the Raia variant, but... I don't. Or I lost it).
Tracks order, which follow the tracks order in the jukebox (sadly, I haven't "screenshot-ed" it, and the PSPo2i one is different). Because I thought it'd be more convenient for modders, and because I've checked every file online (you'll understand later), tracklist name (they are as they were in-game, and may be different to what they are on differents OSTs).
Folders ("md BGM\PSU", "md BGM\PSPo", etc..) are my own, simply to sort tracks by game (in-game, iirc, tracks were divided on three pages)
But because Gmarch wasn't in the jukebox, I somewhat missed it.
For obvious reason, in addition to the jukebox music disc I decided to list the "bonus tracks".

So... What are the 61 others .adx ?

6ccb10e8efc08822cfba6ec3454d8a18 - Casino - Win
77dd8b3024bb6b16c1557e0e92ba912f - I expect it to be related to the casino but, afak, it was never used. Probably bankrupt.
2027abc764c2970b422ddd4bdf3ca963 - Casino - Slot - Small gain during Fever iirc
80d11a9806ab49509c85f348786982af - Casino - Slot - Jackpot/big gain during Fever iirc

2c9133c1f0eeed16d53c2ecb2a16ea5d - Spaceship S.E.
5c218f4226701b573cd07ed06a889911 - Spaceship S.E.
95e2afc09fac6a2e6ba84489d113b081 - Spaceship S.E. & BGM
6a81f4e61fae59c07cfcfd15c9da0d8a - Spaceship S.E. & BGM

All of these are boss intro/outro :
2ef11d684a45837236062f2c6588d2b5 - Dark Falz Intro
2f781c8eaf076d73af79c4f5e74d8890 Dark Falz Outro
228281463fa23868d55c25832f3ea620 - Mother Brain Intro
7cd5031e76d927c10c38698e9b6c9dd2 - Mother Brain Outro
I never searched to identify them because, excepted Mother Brain and Dark Falz, it has no interest in my eyes.

788f9c807fd0ce5a2ca57989c97f6656 - Game Over (only used in Story Mode)
da4b61bf8b9dbf915b299ce02bfc3be8 - Silent ; may be interesting to know if it was used (and when/why)

The 4 following tracks are part of  the "Disc 026 - Comedy". They're all used in Story Mode. Maybe they were also used during some events (Dengeki Maybe ?).
8607b4c0e0078d329fb38280caea8da2 - Called "Happy End" in PSPO2i (Disk 46)
4cdc35c72bd9fce4ef2e079f76fb3698 - Called "Warmth" in PSPo2i (Disk 31)
e0bb1ad20c19d815a0dcdbb561f898f5 - Called "Funny" in PSPo2i (Disk 30)
b010f16aa44d50098af69772c2bd4ded - Called "Dubious" in PSPo2i (Disk 29)
I never seen the interest of these, because SEGA could virtually generate them by simply create loops in the original track.

ebc1cfc85432ae187d6133aee86470da - Result Screen (good)
4a232beb7e19109e7c52f8f3891dc953 - Result Screen (bad)

Some variants of the main themes :
3c2e73c4453324ce6e1bea838e4161c6 - Save This World - Orchestra Short Version  2 -
00ab44366553c9ab5e05acba10c16680 - For Brighter Day - Short Version -
7327ea6caa8f1a739455ae31b25ccfa4 - For Brighter Day - Orchestra Short Version -
f7f6c7e40b6dfa87b061cb4635d48941 - For Brighter Day - Remix Short Version -
f7817a9427049eaa54fc1548801f31c0 - With You - Extra Short Version -
82632901ae8ffe23f4d57d26d90d9097 - With You - Short Version -
5aced909abb4534409afdcf95e329a30 - With You - Instrumental -
d018713d4a1fc62c2ec73a488e56e9b7 - Mirei - Short Version -
c8639b8b3afcd3de5c74dc9d07f6fb7b - Mirei - Long Version -
Don't know if they're used.

35acae7ccb21b8857332b869e965406f - Like Matriotix said,  "G March" (a.k.a. Counter Mission hymn)

Some PSO Tracks that deserved to be in the jukebox, but they are not (and no one know why) :
8867241135a197bf86f86de3cda0fdbc - Mother earth of dishonesty PART2
223faa4ed1db4e770cdcc38dd1e19a3e - The kink in the wind and the way PART2
f3f5325f2e0f600962b89e6cadd7dd9b - Empty space out of control PART2
a531649d2659f394fa70dfc9879ea626 - Revolution to the origin PART2

Duplicate of two PSU tracks :
84165eab3e9f115722b1f4881d5cd9f5 - Copy of 5ca355ff67a177563c0be89256f82a9d "056 - Z.C.Enemy 1.adx"
6b3028a4225813da92604795c6b99203 - Copy of c82ced14f244d8e55db6d006a53d2034 "057 - Z.C.Enemy 2.adx"
No idea if they were used, but only the originals were in the jukebox.

ba7332e066b5a4fcba4f68562222f5c0 - I can't figure what is it, even with the OST (quite sure I've already heard it in-game).

To finish on another anecdotes, on this list, I had to romanize some track names. Don't remember why (probably it causes the batch command to dysfunction).
Here's the "affected" tracks, and their correct name in JP :
099 - Kikami Shouten ➝ 麒神衝天
kimishine ➝ きみのためなら死ねる
akadoko ➝ 赤ちゃんはどこからくるの?

For the "Bonus Tracks", I had no idea how to name them (and how to sort them).

And how can I be sure to haven't missed any tracks ?
I've made a copy of the entire data file, used a batch file to add to every file the .adx extension, I've opened all the 2177 files with foobar2000 (and the foo_input_vgmstream plug-in), and only kept tracks that have a duration (which means they are truly .adx). Stupid, but efficient.

So, now, people have the entire list of *.adx used in-game.


And thanks for having corrected the bug which prevented me to post (or create a new thread).

Edited by shade
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On 7/24/2019 at 8:26 AM, shade said:


Ah thanks for that! Sorry i'm really really late to this, i'll update the thread with a newer link to all the supplied sounds when I get off work today.

also @Matriotix No idea why the volume is low for you, the conversion etc works great for me. It could just be the bitrate etc you are converting at.



EDIT: Thread has been updated with a newer music/sound list.

Edited by Caboose
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