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very last suggestion and then I shut up, quiz quests.


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Really, I promise not to make new forum posts until summer, because it's enough of me already here ^_^"
Do you remember quiz quests from phantasy star portable?
Would be cool to have something like this one day, but with questions about clementine and it's history and facts. 
First displays question and then players choose path, each path is the answer, wrong answer leads to locked room with mobs and gives no points. Winner is player with maximum points. This quest not for some practical gain, it's just for fun. Could be some title rewards with new clementine-themed posters for your room. 
That's all, now I'm leaving for sure :,D

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I've had the idea of a quiz-like mission for a bit now, It'd be more like wrong answers = mobs with more HP, correct answer regular HP.


It's been on the backburner now since I've been focusing on other stuff though. Some day it'll happen.

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