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Ultimate and types adjustments suggestion


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Your suggestions and opinions post below, this thread has a low chance to be read, but still why not discuss.
Main topic is types adjustment to prepare for ultimate difficulty.

-add critical damage 5% gas

-add +10 support tech level gas (I hear the scream of AT reading this :D)
-upgrade laser cannon or shotgun to s rank due to aoe problems outside techs
-at type level 101-125 adjust hp to 140% and dfp to 130%

-add +10 support tech level gas

-at type level 101-125 increase mst to 130%

-at type level 101-125 increase mst to 130%
-s-rank dagger maybe in pair to handgun without skill increase.

-support tech level +10 gas
-at type level 101-125 hp to 135% dfp to 130%

-adjust trapper gas or add another level
-at type level 101-125 dfp, mst and evp to 130%

-at type level 101-125 mst to 130%

-adjust attack techs cap to 40
-at type level 101-125 increase hp to 140% and dfp to 130%

-add pa boosted axe with hp stel in game
-make swords playable? not sure how to do that, but let's start with fixing weird exact attack windows.
-add a combined gas for knockdown and blowaway for this type

-at level 101-125 increase dfp to 130% and mst to 145%
-do something with rifles maybe, they're doing not enough damage for anything and 1 target only

-at level 101-125 increase dfp to 130%
-support techs to 31+ (with gas), pointless to keep techer class at 11 when we have 31+ suv

-at level 101-125 increase dfp to 130%
-same as mf, support techs to 31 (with gas)

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