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Crash at launch



I know this issue has been brought up a few times and I have read and followed the admins firewall instructions, screen settings, etc. as described in the thread below: I downloaded the offline version and it launches fine but I can't tell what is stopping the clementine version from launching. Would love any assistance!  Thanks in advance!


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It's because everything microsoft released after windows xp was garbage and attempt to sell you an air with mix of spyware.
Most likely you're on new system and simply missing directx9c that was cut to add more space for three in row. See requirements on download page.

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c++ redistributable package
check if you installed whole client and not just a patch, data folder should be around 6 gb
make sure exes you running are in root folder
make sure the user account you're trying to run the game on, has administrator permissions in your system, game won't launch on non-admin users.
these are most popular issues with crash at launch
if your online exe crashes on launch and not psuc, then install .net framework... I guess 4.

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