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Valen's Upscaled UI Mod


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Hey, long time no see!

I thought I would take a shot at upscaling the UI this time around. Please let me know what you think! If you find any issues with it, give me a heads up and I'll try to fix it!

How to Install:

  1. Back up the DATA file called 866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2
  2. Download Here
  3. Open the zip file and extract the contents of the folder to your PSU Clementine DATA folder



        Update 1

  • Fixed alignment for the EXP text when defeating mobs
  • Fixed alignment on some numbers to fix their spacing and clipping
  • updated the corresponding preview pictures

      Update 2

  • Further fixed alignment of numbers, they should virtually all be fixed, please let me know if you notice something
  • Darkened the equipment icons to make them more apparent 

       Update 3

  • Brightened equipment rank icons to make them more apparent
  • Updated preview pictures










Edited by Valen
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