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Do u have more than 8 cores? (amd 39xxx,59xxx,79xxx or intels i9) I HAVE A SOLUTION !


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Hi guys,

I have a solution for the 8+ CPU cores.
3900x, 3950x, 5900x, 5950x, 7900x7950x and Intels 8+ cores CPU etc...

PSU does not tolerate 8+cores and therefore you should do the following:

Either you open the Task Manager -> on PSUC right -click -> Change to details -> Right click again on PSUC -> Select belonging -> 8 cores maximum.
However, this method must be repeated after every restart.

Or: Get Process Lasso:
Simply click PSUC there and distribute the cores accordingly.

With both methods, PSU must be on.




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I would like to add a bit that I learned while trying to optimize this a bit. Don't try to use the last cores of the processor, the game is a bit of a brat and expects you to use the first 1-8 cores of your CPU or it will hang or fail to launch at all.

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