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My thoughts on every Guardians Colony Free Mission


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I was gonna do Parum first but I decided to do Guardians Colony Free Missions first so here’s my thoughts on them.


Unsafe Passage:The OG Mission for beginners. This Mission is perfect for starting out. 

Fight for Food:Another Mission for new players. Everything is the same except SEED-Vance at the end.

Rising Malice:So this is an interesting Mission to see a satellite being infected and heading inside the Transfer Terminal. This is the one where you only fight Dark Falz in his 1st form.

Distant Memory:This one was nice. As we finally got the PSO Areas as a Free Mission so people don’t have to bother looking for Rare Free Missions. 

Mechanical Ghosts:I think people has been running this a lot to farm PA’s nowadays. This is also the only Guardians Colony Free Mission not to feature SEED-Forms just Machines. Although they could’ve made the Linear Line Non-Contaminated.

Dark Satelite:The HIVE is one of those interesting areas in this game as they look like the Ruins. But one thing I hate about this area is that they have my most hated enemies in the game. One of them is Gaozoran, god I can’t stand these mages! And those flying 2 leg things that spit Megid as well. And Carriguine is also my most hated enemy here due to it having Megid And really fast moving. And I hate the fact you have to fight him at the end.


SEED Awakened:This one is where you fight Dulk Fakis which reminds me of Dark Falz from other games.

True Darkness:This makes one makes me bored as fighting Dulk Fakis in his final form is pretty long unless you got strong PAS.

The Black Nest:Ugh! I really hate Rykros. I never liked this area. Because of those Megid Beacons and those Flower like SEED Forms. Zasharogan isn’t that bad to fight.

The Dark God:Here it is Dark Falz, the Dark God himself! He got many good designs throughout the Phantasy Star series and it looks like De Rol Le….

Fantastic Voyage:Here this one is the only Guardians Colony Free Mission to take place in a new Spaceship area. But I find it to be pretty interesting to see a SEED-Form and Stateria enemy Combination. And this is the 2nd Free Mission where you only fight Dark Falz in his Final Form. The first being is Distant Memory.


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the fact is that there is no one else on this forum except us two
I still like the forums more because of 2010 vibes
and in general, posts on the forum, even the most stupid ones, increase indexing in search engines, thereby attracting new people ... and spam bots. Unfortunately, the site itself is not focused on attracting new players who are not familiar with the game. If there was a page "about the game" with a description, videos and screenshots, perhaps one of the passers-by would even download it for the first time, there are a lot of nerds on the net who are looking for old games.
But our site is so dull and unattractive that, most likely, accidentally visiting here will immediately close the page. Perhaps even those who are familiar with the game will close it, because the forum looks so dead that you might think that this server has been closed for a hundred years, and the forum is still alive, because the developers forgot to turn off Apache and it works in the background.

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forum rank depends on the amount of posts you write, maybe i'll go to hell for telling you this because now you'll start creating threads with even faster rate, but if it's really that important to you to have a high rank, then fine, but try to fit it in smaller topic amount, no need to create separate topics to express one simple idea xD

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