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Next Event Mission


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So yeah Event Missions have been around on Clementine and they are pretty interesting. Because the Event Mission is either a Custom Mission or a Mission from the actual servers. right now the Event has custom Missions I don’t know if the Next Event Mission will be Custom or one from the official JP servers. So heres the Event Missions we got from each event

Operation Firebreak:None

1Up Platinum Cup:None

Winter Event:None

Maximum Attack G:MAG (Program DF is not there for some reason)

Winter Mission Carnival:World of Illusion β (It’s known as World of Illusion/R World of Illusion α does not exist in Clementine yet)

Shred the Darkness:Roar of Flames and The Big Push


Summer Event:None

Autumn Event:None

Absolute Zero:None

Spring Event:Protectors ζ

The Great Arms Race:Vistors Memory and Evolutions Path (Note:Evolutions Path has the Enemies spawn from Guardians Chronicle 3)

Maximum Attack X:None

4th Anniversary Thanks Festa:None

Ragol Memorial Festa:None

Maximum Attack Infinity:Rumbling Ruins and Ark to the Future 

5th Aniversary Thanks Festa:Protectors κ

Operation Urban Defense:Wicked Invasion and Converging Roads

Guardians Trial:None
Do you guys think the Event Mission

will be custom or from the official servers?

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