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The Golden Age of Clementine


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Back then Clementine had a lot of stuff:

-Most of the stuff were in JP Words and we couldn’t understand them.

-US Players finally got to see JP Content thanks to that.

-Tons of S Rank Weapons where in Shops

-My Rooms weren’t working (That’s s con)

-We didn’t have the PA Fragment Skill Exchange Missions so the Photon Discs from those Missions had to be sold at Manufacture shops.

-Rare Missions didn’t have to be earn and we didn’t have to win them!

And that was the Nostalgic age of Clementine 

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It's just a game >_>
Moreover it's online game, which means person in this priority significant than the game itself, it's code or numbers of your account stored in database you don't even own.

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Yes, it seems to me that if we are talking about the golden age of online game, then we must definitely mention some points of social interaction, maybe memorable events, global or relative.

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