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Phantasy Shrimp [ChatGPT stories of Clementine and PSU] ROFL aHAHAhahaHa everyone MUST read this, I'm just dying of laugh xD


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The ending of amogus plot arc is planned to be cross-cutting narrative, that means it supposed to explain all the cringe happened in all previous chapters including midori chapter and white shrimps.  However, when I realized that all this would require at least ten chapters, I lost inspiration, so there have been no new chapters for so long, but nevertheless, in the near future I still plan to finish this dead-end arc and then the second season will begin with new characters among whom you will find yourself. A small spoiler that I will leave so that no one draws hasty conclusions: no one died, and a detailed explanation of what happened can be found in the new chapter, which will be released (one day it will be :D when I find an optimal way to fit it in at least in 2-3 chapters).

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Chapter 18: Ethan WCber


SHOTGUN stood confidently in front of the camera, ready to address the galaxy on Space Channel 5. The AMOGUS situation had finally come to an end, and he was prepared to share the details with the eager viewers.

But just as he began to speak, the doors of the interview room swung open dramatically, and in strolled Whammy.
"Breaking news!" Whammy exclaimed, holding up a finger for emphasis. "Ethan Waber, the fearless adventurer, has taken to the skies on a cosmo fountain! He's attacking planets and claiming it's all to save his father!"

SHOTGUN's eyebrows shot up in surprise, his speech momentarily forgotten. "Ethan Waber? Riding a cosmo fountain? Attacking planets? This is highly unusual!"

Whammy nodded vigorously, his excitement palpable. "Indeed, SHOTGUN! The galaxy is in chaos, and all GUARDIANs are being called to arms! It's an epic showdown in the making!"

SHOTGUN scratched his head, a perplexed expression on his face. "Well, it seems I'll have to explain the AMOGUS situation another time. This new development takes precedence."

But before he could continue, the other reporters in the room chimed in with unexpected remarks.

"It's okay, SHOTGUN," one of them said nonchalantly. "Nobody actually cares about AMOGUS. Honestly, we're just here to capture the latest scandalous photos of Candy Queen!"

SHOTGUN's eyes widened in disbelief, his jaw dropping. "What? Scandalous photos? Is that really what this interview has come to?"

The reporters exchanged mischievous glances, their cameras ready to capture any scandalous moment. "Well, you know how it is, SHOTGUN. The galaxy loves a good scandal, and Candy Queen's allure is irresistible!"
SHOTGUN sighed, shaking his head in amusement and disbelief.

Heeeeeelllll yeeeeah, it's a new year's special!


Heroic warrior named Ethan Waber had fallen into darkness. Consumed by a mysterious power, he turned against the peaceful Gurhal system, becoming its greatest threat.

Riding atop the Cosmo Fountain, a colossal toilet that served as his bizarre steed, Ethan soared through space, leaving chaos and confusion in his wake. The inhabitants of Gurhal were taken aback by the sight of their former hero attacking them on a giant toilet.

As the turmoil escalated, familiar faces from stepped forward to defend Gurhal. The brave hunter, Ethan's former ally, Tonnio Rhima, confronted him. "Ethan, what has happened to you? This madness must end!"

Ethan sneered, his voice filled with malevolence. "Tonnio, you always played second fiddle to me. Now, I will show you the true extent of my power!"

Tonnio's eyes narrowed with determination. "If you won't listen to reason, then we have no choice but to stop you!"

As they clashed, another hero emerged from the shadows. It was Ethan's sister, Lumia Waber, who possessed powerful casting abilities. "Ethan, I beg you to reconsider! We can find a way to free you from this darkness!"

Ethan laughed maniacally, his voice echoing through the battlescape. "Lumia, you were always the weak one in the family. It's time you witnessed my true power!"

As the battle raged on, Lumia's pleas fell on deaf ears. Ethan's power grew stronger with each passing moment, fueled by his desire for dominance. The Gurhal system trembled under his relentless assault.

But amidst the chaos, a group of Phantasy Shrimps, led by their wise elder, Shrimpbert, observed the conflict from a distance. Shrimpbert knew that the balance of the universe was at stake and decided to intervene.

With a calm yet authoritative voice, Shrimpbert addressed Ethan. "Ethan Waber, your lust for power has clouded your judgment. You have become a pawn of darkness. We, the Phantasy Shrimps, will not stand idly by as you bring ruin upon Gurhal."

Ethan's eyes flashed with defiance. "You think a group of talking shrimp can stop me? I am unstoppable!"

Shrimpbert chuckled softly. "Appearances can be deceiving, Ethan. We may be small, but our wisdom and unity are formidable. Prepare to face the consequences of your actions!"

With a collective effort, the Phantasy Shrimps unleashed their hidden powers, creating a barrier that weakened Ethan's dark energy. Sensing an opportunity, Tonnio and Lumia joined forces, channeling their strength to deliver a decisive blow.

As the battle reached its climax, Ethan's dark aura began to dissipate. The power that had consumed him slowly faded away, leaving behind a remorseful warrior. He gazed upon the devastation he had caused, regret etched on his face.

"Lumia, Tonnio, I... I'm so sorry," Ethan whispered, his voice filled with guilt. "I don't deserve your forgiveness."


Ethan's voice trailed off with his remorseful apology, a sudden gust of wind blew through the battlefield. The air crackled with an eerie energy, and a group of mysterious figures cloaked in dark coats materialized before him. They too rode upon Cosmo Fountains, their presence sending shivers down the spines of those present.

Ethan's eyes widened as he recognized the leader of the group, a figure known as Stank. Stank's voice cut through the tension like a blade. "Ethan, we've been searching for you. Your father's fate hangs in the balance, and we believe you hold the key to his salvation."

Ethan's heart sank as he remembered the day his father was captured by Stank's forces. The anguish he had felt was still fresh in his mind, and he knew he had to do whatever it took to save his father. With a determined look in his eyes, he nodded at Stank. "I will join you. But know this, if anything happens to my father, I will make you pay."

Ethan and Stank mounted their Cosmo Fountains, they charged towards the Phantasy Shrimp spaceship with a determination that defied all reason. The sight of them, armed with their trusty toilets, was a spectacle that left the crew of the spaceship bewildered.

Ethan let out a battle cry, his toilet-mounted Cosmo Fountain unleashing a powerful flush that sent a torrent of water towards the Phantasy Shrimp. Stank, not to be outdone, activated the bidet function on his toilet, spraying a high-pressure stream at the spaceship's hull.

The crew of the Phantasy Shrimp could hardly believe their eyes. They were being attacked by a duo wielding toilets, unleashing watery chaos upon their vessel. 

As the water splashed against the spaceship's windows, the crew scrambled to defend themselves. They fired lasers and launched counterattacks, but Ethan and Stank were undeterred. They maneuvered their Cosmo Fountains with surprising agility, dodging incoming projectiles and retaliating with flushing fury.


Just as Ethan and Stank were basking in their victory, a sudden chill filled the air. The ground beneath them trembled, and a figure emerged from the shadows. It was GUARDIAN Midori Hoshi

With a mischievous grin, Midori twirled her plunger, which had been enchanted to serve as her magical rod. She raised it high, a frosty aura emanating from its surface. As she chanted ancient incantations, icy tendrils snaked their way towards the remaining crew members of the Phantasy Shrimp spaceship.

The crew members, still recovering from their encounter with Ethan and Stank, gasped in horror as they found themselves encased in shimmering blocks of ice. Their attempts to break free only resulted in comical slips and slides across the frozen surface.

Ethan and Stank, realizing they had a common foe, put aside their differences and joined forces with Midori. Ethan's toilet-powered Cosmo Fountain and Stank's bidet-armed mount seemed outlandish in comparison to Midori's freezing magic, but together, they formed an unlikely trio.

As Midori continued to cast her freezing techniques, Ethan and Stank provided support, dousing the encased crew members with warm water from their toilets. The sudden temperature change melted the ice, freeing the crew members from their icy prisons. They stumbled and shivered, grateful for their unexpected rescue.

The trio stood amidst the aftermath of their victory, a familiar figure emerged from the shadows. It was GUARDIANs administrator Gnome. He shuffled towards Midori.

"Gnome! What are you doing here?" Midori exclaimed, trying to stifle a giggle at his disheveled appearance.

Gnome adjusted his glasses, his brows furrowing in confusion. "Midori, what are you doing? I told you to stop Ethan, not shrimps!"

Midori's eyes widened in realization, and she burst into laughter. "Oh no! How did I mix that up? I'm sorry, Gnome."
"So, Gnome, you were after me, not the Phantasy Shrimp spaceship?" Ethan asked, a mischievous grin playing on his face.

Gnome nodded, his face turning slightly red. "Yes, yes! It seems I got my directives all jumbled up. But hey, at least we had a good laugh, right?"

Midori wiped away a tear of laughter, nodding in agreement. "Absolutely, Gnome. This has been quite the unexpected turn of events."

Ethan's father, who had been observing with amusement, approached the group. He chuckled and shook his head. "Well, it seems even the administrators of GUARDIAN can have their moments of forgetfulness."


As the laughter subsided, the group turned their attention to Ethan's father, their expressions a mix of shock and disbelief.

"We thought you were captured!" exclaimed Gnome, his voice filled with astonishment.

Ethan's father chuckled, shaking his head. "No, my dear friends. Turns out, the key to my cage was hidden in the most unexpected place - a cosmo fountain!"

Everyone gasped, their eyes widening in disbelief. "A cosmo fountain? You mean... a toilet?" Midori asked, her voice a mixture of incredulity and amusement.

Ethan's father nodded, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "Yes, indeed! Where else would you expect to find a key? It's the most obvious hiding spot!"

Stank couldn't contain his laughter, doubling over with mirth. "Oh, this is too much! The great Ethan's father, locked away, all while the key was floating in a toilet!"

Gnome's face turned a shade of red as he struggled to hold back his laughter. "Well, it seems even the most dire situations can have solutions!"

Ethan couldn't help but join in the laughter, his sides aching from the sheer absurdity of it all. "I guess we've learned our lesson - never underestimate the power of a cosmo fountain!"

Midori wiped away tears of laughter, her voice filled with joy. "Indeed, Ethan. From now on, we shall always check the cosmo fountains for hidden treasures!"

And so, the group continued their laughter-filled celebration, their spirits lifted by the unexpected turn of events. They shared stories, jokes, and even composed a comical song about cosmo fountains and their hidden treasures.

As the night grew darker, they finally bid each other farewell, still chuckling at the absurdity of the day. They knew that no matter how challenging life became, they would always find a reason to laugh, even if it meant searching for keys in the most unexpected places.

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The gates creaked in the distance, breaking the dead silence, she sat on the throne in silent anticipation.
The click of heels on the floor of chess tiles was replaced by the swing of a spear. Her face still showed no emotion other than fatigue. It seemed as if she did not see any threat at all.

-Profound Darkness, I came to put the end...

-Yes, yes, I've heard this countless times already. The fact that it was you who reached me this time only means that the variable has again taken on one of the probable values, but the ending will still be the same.

-What are you...

-...Talking about, blah blah blah, world in the chaos, blah blah. You don’t have to continue, this is the first time for you, but believe me, I’ve heard this speech a million times already. And let me inform you that it was not I who plunged the world into chaos, it is amazingly capable of doing it on its own. At first it was even fun, I saw how the same events happened in different ways, I saw how Nagisa died, I saw how she gained true friends, I saw the tragedy of pioneer 1, I saw it's salvation, I saw how Magashi was a kind ice-cream vendor, I saw a race of shrimp, it was all cute and funny, until this record started jamming on the same ending. Whether I tried to save this world or destroy it, only the variable responsible for my role in history changed, and the ending didn't.

She took a cup of still warm tea from the table and continued speaking.

-But still, even though I'm in a loop, there's still something that hasn't happened yet. It’s unlikely that you will retain your memories after the next reboot, but the whole problem is in the gala techniques, if in at least one of the future universes you can remember this conversation, try to make friends with him this time, maybe this is exactly what led this world to collapse and will become it's redemption.

The cup fell. 
The spear pierced the flesh, star disk shattered into fragments, restarting the cycle. 

Season 1 =End=

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Season 2.
Chapter 1: New Heroes.

Now with AI generated pictures!


The heavens were veiled by dark clouds as a young warrior stood atop the mountains, his hand firmly gripping the hilt of his katana. With each breath, determination coursed through his veins, for he knew he was about to engage in a battle against formidable adversaries.

The wind howled, carrying whispers of ancient legends and tales of heroes past. The young warrior's eyes scanned the rugged terrain, searching for signs of movement. His senses were heightened, alert to every sound and every shift in the air.

picture of Jakoo

Suddenly, the silence was shattered by the clash of steel. A group of powerful warriors emerged from the shadows, their armor glistening in the fading light. Their eyes burned with a fierce determination, mirroring the resolve of the young warrior.

-insolent, how dare you resist the will of the Holy Light!?

Without hesitation, the young warrior leapt into action, his katana slashing through the air with precision and grace. Each strike was met with an equal measure of strength from his adversaries, creating a symphony of clashing metal and battle cries.

Suddenly, the storm ceased, and a bright pillar of light appeared in the sky. Descending from the heavens, Holy Light sat upon his throne, his voice both stern and kind as he addressed the young warrior, Jakoo.

picture of Holy Light incarnation

"Jakoo, the elder of your clan has committed treason, as have all the members of your branch. You must face punishment. You will be stripped of your powers and imprisoned in subspace for the rest of your days," Holy Light proclaimed.

Hundreds of chains materialized, binding Jakoo tightly. But then, a voice spoke out. It was a red-haired girl who bravely interjected, "Your Holiness, Holy Light, please show mercy. Jakoo has been in meditation for three years, unaware of the events unfolding in the world during his absence. Would it not be a great loss to condemn such a talented disciple to a life of imprisonment?"


picture of mysterious girl

Her words resonated, and Holy Light considered her plea. He decided to show mercy and release Jakoo. However, there was a condition attached. Jakoo would have to leave the planet Neudaiz and return only after ten years to demonstrate his achievements. Upon his return, he would be given an important task, the completion of which would redeem his elder's sins.

Jakoo's heart swelled with gratitude, both towards the red-haired girl and Holy Light. He vowed to use the time granted to him to grow stronger, to prove his worth, and to bring honor back to his clan.


Jakoo and the girl left the sacred mountains together, he turned to her and said, "Divine Maiden..." but she interrupted him with a laugh. "Oh no, I'm actually not a Divine Maiden. I just pretended to be one in front of Holy Light to save you," she confessed.

Surprised, Jakoo exclaimed, "You really managed to trick Holy Light? Seriously?" She grinned mischievously and replied, "Well, I guess I'm just really lucky. Somehow it worked, and he believed me. By the way, my name is Joy."

Jakoo introduced himself as well, chuckling at the absurdity of the situation. They continued their journey, sharing laughter and stories along the way. Joy's quick wit and Jakoo's adventurous spirit made for a lively and entertaining companionship.


Jakoo and Joy journeyed along the path, they suddenly stumbled upon a group of monstrous creatures. To their surprise, these creatures were wild, venomous lilies that laughed and spat poison. Joy, determined to handle the situation swiftly, confidently grasped her staff and declared, "I'll take care of these lilies in no time!"

With a flick of her wrist, Joy unleashed her thunderous technique, Zonde, aiming to strike the lilies. However, much to their astonishment, the lightning bolts missed their targets entirely. The lilies remained rooted in the ground, unaffected and unmoving.

Jakoo scratched his head in confusion. "Joy, I thought elemental techniques never missed! What happened there?"

Joy shrugged sheepishly, a mischievous smile playing on her lips. "Well, it seems these lilies have mastered the art of dodging lightning. Who knew plants could have such impressive reflexes?"

They shared a laugh at the absurdity of the situation, marveling at the unexpected agility of the seemingly harmless flora. But Jakoo, unwilling to let the lilies have the last laugh, drew his trusty katana.

"Alright, lilies," Jakoo declared, his voice tinged with determination, "prepare to meet your match!"

With swift movements and well-practiced strikes, Jakoo sliced through the air, expertly cutting down the lilies one by one. The lilies' laughter turned into startled gasps as they realized they were no match for Jakoo's swordsmanship.

As the last lily fell, Jakoo turned to Joy with a triumphant grin. "I guess sometimes, the old-fashioned way is the best way to deal with these tricky foes."

Joy nodded, her eyes gleaming with amusement. "Indeed, Jakoo. It seems even the most cunning monsters can't outsmart a good old katana swing."

With their victory secured, Jakoo and Joy continued their journey, sharing stories and laughter as they walked side by side. The memory of the elusive lilies and Joy's "thunderous" misfire became a cherished anecdote, reminding them that sometimes, the unexpected can lead to the most amusing adventures.

And so, armed with their humor and resilience, Jakoo and Joy pressed on, ready to face whatever comical challenges lay ahead on their path.


As they continued along the road, Joy turned to Jakoo and asked where he was heading now. Jakoo replied that he was planning to fly to GUARDIANs Colony to join the GUARDIANs organization, where he could train in combat and protect the world from various dangers. 

To this, Joy responded, "Well, you see... you spent three years in meditation, and you have no idea what has been happening in the world during that time... In any case, the GUARDIANs organization has disappeared. Their colony still exists, but they don't allow anyone in anymore. It seems I messed up, but I'll tell you the whole story some other time. For now, I suggest you join the mercenary organization on Clad 6. We have our own spaceship and an experienced mentor named Marmy, who used to be a GUARDIANs administrator. I'll introduce you to them, and we can train together."

Jakoo pondered for a moment and decided to agree. Together, they made their way to the port where their spaceship was docked.

The spaceship stood before them, sleek and formidable, ready to take them to new adventures in the vast expanse of space. Joy led Jakoo onboard, where they were greeted by Marmy, a seasoned warrior with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

picture of Marmy, slightly more 3d than previous pictures :D

"Welcome aboard, Jakoo," Marmy said, extending a hand in greeting. "It's always good to have fresh blood and eager learners on the team. We'll train you to be a force to be reckoned with."

Jakoo shook Marmy's hand with determination, feeling a surge of excitement for the journey ahead. As they set off into the unknown, Jakoo couldn't help but feel grateful for Joy's unexpected twist of fate. Although the path to becoming a GUARDIAN had been closed, a new opportunity had presented itself, and Jakoo was ready to embrace it.

And so, with their spaceship soaring through the stars, Jakoo, Joy, and Marmy embarked on their new adventure as mercenaries, united in their quest to protect the galaxy from danger and hone their skills. Little did they know that this new chapter would bring even more laughter, surprises, and unforgettable moments that would shape their destinies in ways they could never have imagined.

But for now, as the stars twinkled outside the spaceship's windows, they set their course for Clad 6, eager to face the challenges and forge their own path among the cosmos.

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Season 2.
Chapter 2: Poison Rubie.

Marmy: So, Jakoo and Joy, today we're going to meet Rubie, the experienced alchemist. She will teach you how to make those essential medical items that are in high demand now.

Jakoo: Great! I can't wait to craft my first trimate.

Joy: Yeah, it's interesting how the closure of GUARDIANs colony has created this demand for healing items. But why do we need to learn from an alchemist?

Marmy: Well, Rubie specializes in creating medicines and poisons. She's the best person to teach you the basics of herb collection and the art of making remedies.

(They arrive at Rubie's apartment, where she welcomes them inside.)


Rubie: Welcome, Marmy, Jakoo, and Joy! Please make yourselves comfortable. Would you like some tea?

Marmy: Thank you, Rubie. We would love some tea.

(Rubie pours the tea and takes a sip. Marmy gives her a mischievous smile.)

Marmy: Rubie, this time you've added too little poison to my tea.

Rubie (blushing): Oh, I didn't know you would be coming with your apprentices, Marmy. I didn't prepare enough poison for everyone.

(Hearing this strange conversation, Jakoo and Joy exchange glances and decide not to drink the tea or accept any treats when they visit their new teacher, Rubie.)

Joy: Um, we're good with just water, thank you.

Jakoo: Yeah, no need for tea or anything else.

(Rubie notices their hesitation and chuckles.)

Rubie: Don't worry, I won't be adding any poison to your drinks. I'll just stick to teaching you the basics of herb collection and distinguishing between medicinal plants and poisonous ones. It can be quite tempting to use a poisonous lily instead of aloe, after all.

(During the lesson, Rubie guides Jakoo and Joy through the process of gathering herbs and explains the importance of correctly identifying them for medicine and poison-making.)

Rubie: Remember, Jakoo and Joy, the key is to never mix up the two. You don't want to accidentally use poison instead of a healing herb. It's all about precision and knowledge.

Jakoo: Got it, Rubie. We'll be careful not to mix up anything.

Joy: Yeah, no poisonous lilies for us!

(They all laugh, and the lesson continues with Rubie sharing her expertise and teaching Jakoo and Joy the fundamentals of alchemy.)


The first lesson came to an end, Marmy arrived to pick up his apprentices. Before opening the door, he prudently wiped the doorknobs, which the venomous Rubie had generously smeared with poison. Rubie was disappointed that she couldn't poison Marmy, despite her diligent efforts in brewing those toxins. She began to cry and throw venomous vials around. Witnessing this strange scene, Jakoo and Joy decided to escape without bidding farewell to their new teacher. They used a telepipe instead of the door, just in case Rubie had prepared any other traps at the exit.

Marmy: Alright, Jakoo and Joy, time to head back. Let's make sure we're careful with the door.

Jakoo: Good idea, Marmy. We never know what kind of surprises Rubie has in store.

Joy: Yeah, after all that talk about poisons, I don't want to take any chances.

(Marmy cautiously wipes the doorknobs, making sure to remove any traces of the poison.)

Marmy: Safety first, my young apprentices. We can't be too careful.

(As they open the door, Rubie notices their hesitation and bursts into tears.)

Rubie: It's not fair! I worked so hard to poison you, Marmy, and it didn't work!

Marmy: Rubie, it was never my intention to be poisoned. We're here to learn, not to become victims of your experiments.

(Rubie continues to sob and throws venomous vials around the room.)

Rubie: I can't believe I failed! All those hours spent brewing those deadly concoctions, wasted!

Jakoo: Uh, Marmy, I think it's time for us to go. Rubie seems to be having a breakdown.

Joy: Yeah, let's make a quick exit before things get even more chaotic.

(Marmy nods in agreement.)

Marmy: Alright, Jakoo, Joy, let's use the telepipe. It's the safest way out.

(Jakoo and Joy quickly activate the telepipe, disappearing in a flash of light.)

Rubie (sobbing): They didn't even say goodbye...

(Meanwhile, Jakoo and Joy find themselves safely back at their base, relieved to have escaped the unpredictable Rubie.)

Jakoo: Phew, that was intense. I didn't expect our first lesson to end like that.

Joy: Yeah, I thought learning alchemy would be exciting, but I didn't sign up for poison-filled drama.

Jakoo: Well, at least we're safe now. Let's focus on what we've learned and continue with practice.

Joy: Agreed. And let's hope our next teacher is a bit more...stable.

(They share a laugh, grateful to have each other's company and ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead in their alchemical pursuits.)


Jakoo and Joy returned to their spaceship in the docks of Clad 6 station, they decided to try their hand at crafting simple medicines. After some time, Joy confidently presented her creation, Trimate, to Marmy, proudly claiming that it could even heal the dead. 


Marmy, examining the concoction, pointed out that it wouldn't be able to heal the dead but could certainly kill the living, as Joy had mixed up the ingredients. 

Jakoo scratched his head in confusion. "Wait, did Joy mess up, or did Rubie intentionally give us the wrong recipe?"

Joy defended herself, "No way! I followed the recipe Rubie gave us exactly. It must be a mistake on Rubie's part!"

Marmy crossed his arms, a mischievous grin forming on his face. "Well, either way, I think we should be more careful next time. We don't want to accidentally create deadly potions, especially when we're trying to save lives!"

Joy blushed, realizing the potential danger of her mistake. "You're right, Marmy. I'll make sure to double-check the recipe next time."

Jakoo chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. "Well, at least we know now that Trimate won't revive the dead. We won't have any zombie problems on our hands!"

The trio burst into laughter, relieved that their mishap had been harmless in the end. They made a mental note to be more cautious with their experiments in the future, knowing that even the smallest mistake could have serious consequences in their line of work.

And so, with a lesson learned and a good laugh shared, Jakoo, Joy, and Marmy continued their journey through the galaxy, ready to face new adventures, and perhaps, more humorous mishaps along the way.

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Season 2.
Chapter 3: Mercenery Academy: Trial.

Jakoo strolled through Clad 6 Station when he was approached by Joy. She asked him why he looked so down, and he confided in her that he was anxious about not knowing what had angered the Holy Light.

Jakoo on Clad 6

He also questioned how Joy knew that he had spent three years in meditation if they hadn't known each other before. However, she replied that it was a long story to explain and promised to tell him another time because Marmy was calling them to his office. 

Upon arriving at the office, they were greeted by Rorona, who handled communication with clients for the Mercenary Guild. She asked them to wait while Marmy called them.

Rorona: Good day, Jakoo and Joy! Marmy will be with you shortly. Please have a seat and make yourselves comfortable.


Jakoo: Thank you, Rorona. Is Marmy expecting us?

Rorona: Yes, he mentioned that he needed to discuss something important with both of you. He should be finished with his previous appointment soon.

Joy: (leaning towards Jakoo) I wonder what this is all about.

Jakoo: (whispering back) I have no idea, but I can't help feeling a mix of anticipation and nervousness. I hope it's nothing too serious.

Rorona: (smiling) Don't worry, I'm sure it's nothing to be too concerned about. Marmy just likes to keep everyone on their toes.

Joy: (chuckling) That's reassuring, I suppose.

Rorona: So, Jakoo, how have you been finding your time on Clad 6 Station?

Jakoo: It's been quite an experience, Rorona. The energy here is so different from what I'm used to back home.

Joy: I agree. There's a constant buzz of activity, and everyone seems to be in a hurry.

Rorona: That's the nature of Clad 6, always bustling with mercenaries, adventurers, and traders from all over the galaxy. It never gets boring, that's for sure.

Jakoo: (looking around) It's definitely a far cry from the tranquility of my clan's village. But I suppose change is necessary for growth.

Joy: (smirking) Speaking of change, you seem to have adapted pretty quickly, Jakoo. I remember when you first arrived, you were quite overwhelmed.

Jakoo: (grinning) Well, I had a great guide to show me the ropes. Thanks for being there, Joy.

Joy: (playfully rolling her eyes) Oh, don't get all sentimental on me now. It was nothing, really.

Jakoo: (teasingly) Nothing? You were the one who introduced me to the best food stalls and helped me navigate through the chaotic markets.

Joy: (laughing) Alright, alright, I admit it. I may have played a small part in your Clad 6 survival guide.

Rorona: (interrupting their banter) Sorry to keep you waiting, but Marmy is ready to see you now. Just head straight into his office.

Jakoo: Thank you, Rorona. Let's go, Joy.

With newfound confidence and a touch of excitement, Jakoo and Joy made their way into Marmy's office, ready to embark on their next adventure under his guidance. Little did they know that this assignment would test their skills, forge their bond, and lead them to unimaginable heights in their mercenary journey.



Marmy: Welcome, Jakoo and Joy! I have some exciting news for both of you. I've managed to secure your enrollment at the prestigious Mercenary Academy.

Jakoo: Wow, that's amazing! Thank you, Marmy. The Mercenary Academy is renowned for producing top-notch mercenaries.

Joy: I can't believe it. This is a great opportunity for us to hone our skills and learn from the best in the field.

Marmy: Indeed, it is. However, before you can officially join the academy, you'll need to pass a written assessment and a practice trial. Up until now, you've only had access to C-rank missions, but once you're enrolled, you'll have access to B and A-rank missions. And after completing your training, you'll even have access to S-rank missions.

Jakoo: That's quite challenging, but it's also a testament to the level of training and expertise the academy offers. It's an honor to be able to study at such a prestigious institution.

Joy: Absolutely... at least I think so :)

Marmy: I'm glad to see your enthusiasm. The academy will provide you with a solid foundation, advanced combat techniques, and valuable knowledge about the mercenary profession. It's an opportunity for you to grow and excel in your chosen path.

Jakoo: We won't disappoint you, Marmy. We'll give our best to pass the assessment and make the most out of our time at the Mercenary Academy.

Joy: We're grateful for this opportunity, Marmy. Thank you for believing in us and arranging our enrollment. Want! Want! Want! *___*

Marmy: You both have shown great potential, and I have no doubt that you'll thrive at the academy. Good luck with your preparations for the assessment. I'll be here to support you every step of the way.

With renewed determination, Jakoo and Joy embraced the challenge ahead, eager to prove themselves and embark on their journey at the Mercenary Academy.


After Jakoo and Joy finished their written test, their practical trial began. Under the watchful eye of Marmy, they were tasked with going to the planet Parum to protect the farmers' pastures from a strange monster that had been terrorizing them for a month - the Thunder Wyvern. 

Thunder Wyvern, planet Parum

Joy: Alright, Jakoo! This is our chance to show off our skills and save the day. I've got this covered. I'm great with dragons, you know!

Jakoo: Uh, Joy, are you sure about this? The Thunder Wyvern is a storm-based creature. Using lightning attacks might not be the best idea.

Joy: Nonsense! Thunder techniques are my specialty. Watch me in action!

Joy confidently picked up her staff and unleashed her thunder technique, Zonde, towards the approaching Thunder Wyvern. A bolt of lightning crackled through the air, heading straight for the monster.


Jakoo: Joy, wait! I don't think that's a good idea!

But it was too late. The Thunder Wyvern absorbed the lightning attack, becoming even more energized and agitated.

Joy: Huh? That wasn't supposed to happen.

Jakoo: I told you! Thunder attacks only make it stronger!

Joy: Well, I refuse to use any other techniques. Thunder attacks are my favorite, and I'm sticking to them!

The Thunder Wyvern, now fully charged, unleashed a powerful lightning bolt towards Joy. With lightning reflexes, Jakoo jumped in front of her, using his shield to deflect the attack.

Jakoo: See? It's resistant to lightning. We need a different approach.

Joy: Fine, but I'm not happy about it.

Jakoo quickly devised a plan. He distracted the Thunder Wyvern with his agile movements while Joy, reluctantly abandoning her thunder techniques, used her staff to create a barrier to protect the farmers' pastures. The barrier absorbed the Thunder Wyvern's attacks, keeping the land safe.

Joy: Alright, Jakoo, I admit it. Your plan worked. But I still miss my thunder attacks.

Jakoo: We'll find other opportunities to use your thunder techniques, Joy. But for now, let's focus on what's effective and necessary.

Together, Jakoo and Joy managed to fend off the Thunder Wyvern, successfully protecting the farmers' pastures. Marmy watched with pride as the two young mercenaries demonstrated their adaptability and teamwork.

Marmy: Well done, both of you! You've proven that you can think on your feet and overcome challenges. Keep up the good work!


After a long battle and Jakoo delivering a crushing blow to the wyvern with his katana, he noticed that Joy was searching for something and kicking the wyvern's body.

Jakoo: (panting) Phew, that was one tough battle! But we did it!

Joy: (excitedly) Yeah, we sure did! But wait, there might be some treasure hidden within this wyvern. I can't let a single coin slip through my fingers!

Jakoo: (confused) Treasure? Joy, we just defeated a terrifying monster. Shouldn't we be more concerned about our safety?

Marmy: (sarcastically) Oh, Jakoo, you're such a worrywart. Joy has a point. Powerful monsters like this usually guard something valuable.

Joy: (grinning mischievously) Exactly! Now, help me search every nook and cranny of this beast.

Jakoo: (shaking his head in disbelief) Joy, you never cease to amaze me. Well, good luck with your coin hunting.

Marmy: (chuckles) I must say, Joy, your determination is quite impressive. But I highly doubt a monster like this would carry any treasure.

Joy: (stubbornly) Oh, you'll see, Marmy. There's always a chance. And if there's even a sliver of treasure, it'll be worth it!

(As Joy continues kicking the wyvern, a glowing object falls out of its body.)

Joy: (triumphantly) I told you! Here's the treasure!

Jakoo: (jaw drops) What? How did that happen?

Marmy: (examining the object) Impossible! It's enmergia! I've only read about them in books. They say enmergia is an incredibly rare artifact that can only drop from the strongest monsters.

Jakoo: (whispering to Marmy) So, what exactly does this enmergia do?

Marmy: (whispering back) Well, if my knowledge serves me right, equipping enmergia grants the owner the characteristics of the defeated monster.

Joy: (eagerly) Characteristics? Like what?

Marmy: (excitedly) For example, if you equip this wyvern enmergia, you might gain its wings and the ability to fly!

Joy: (wide-eyed) No way! That would be amazing!

Jakoo: (smirking) Well, Joy, it seems your treasure hunt paid off in an unexpected way.

Joy: (grinning) See? I knew it! Now, let's see what this enmergia can do!

(Joy equips the enmergia, and suddenly, she sprouts wyvern wings and hovers above the ground.)

Joy: (giggling) Look at me! I'm flying like a wyvern!

Jakoo: (laughing) Well, I guess we can add "sky explorer" to your list of titles, Joy.

Marmy: (amazed) Incredible! Who would have thought that our treasure hunt would lead to such a comical outcome?

And so, with Joy soaring through the sky on her newfound wyvern wings, the trio continued their adventures, always ready for the unexpected and never underestimating the power of a determined treasure hunter.


In Martha's office at the Mercenary Academy, Marmy, as the mentor of Jakoo and Joy, nervously awaited their fate. Martha, a stern and strict teacher, sat behind her desk, reviewing the results of the tests they had undergone to gain admission to the academy.

Instructor Martha

Martha: (with a disapproving frown) Well, well, well. It seems that your mentees have quite a mixed bag of results here. Despite managing to defeat a wyvern and even acquire an enmergia, their battle tactics were abysmal, and their written test scores were alarmingly low.

Marmy: (stepping forward) Martha, please understand that they are still learning. They have potential, and with proper guidance, they can become skilled mercenaries.

Martha: (leaning forward, her gaze piercing) Marmy, I respect your opinion, but I have high standards for my students. I cannot compromise on that.

Marmy: (pleadingly) I understand your concerns, Martha. But I am willing to take them under my wing. I will personally ensure they receive the training they need to improve.

Martha: (pausing, considering Marmy's words) Very well, Marmy. I trust your judgment, but let me be clear. If they fail to meet my expectations or violate any of my rules, they will be expelled immediately.

Marmy: (nodding) I understand, Martha. They will not disappoint you.

Jakoo and Joy exchanged relieved glances, grateful for the opportunity given to them.

Joy: (whispering to Jakoo) Damn, she's so scary T_T

Marmy: (smiling) I have faith in both of you. With dedication and perseverance, you'll become great fighters.

And so, with Martha's strict conditions set, Jakoo, Joy, and Marmy embarked on their journey to become skilled mercenaries. Under Marmy's mentorship, they trained tirelessly, honing their combat skills and studying tactics. They knew the path ahead would be challenging, but they were determined to prove themselves worthy of Martha's trust.

Little did they know that this opportunity would not only shape their futures but also forge a bond between them that would withstand countless trials and adventures yet to come.

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