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Stuff From PSO2 into PSU/Floader Lunga and Striker


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If you played PSO2 they had a Battle Mode to fight other players, and they also had Challenge Mode where you clear missions before VR Energy Runs Out, and Triggers where you do Event. Would it be cool to see on PSU Clementine?


Oh and I talked with Shotgun about putting Floaders Lungas and Strikers into Clementine. If you don’t know what they are. They are mounts from Episode 1 Story Mode!



Floaders were in Chapter 7 and the Event Mission Deadly Brillance. Here you ride though Shikon Islands through the water while collecting points.



Lungas are in Chapter 9 in the Kugu Desert, it’s a Native Creature you ride on and it breathes Fire on Enemies. Man those where the days. (Fun Fact:The Lunga Music can be heard during Village Defense)



Introduced in Chapter 11. It’s where you ride a tank and shoot cannons at mobs.


Do you really hope they  will put Floader Lunga and Striker into Clementine? 

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