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Translating Free Mission Descriptions


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Rising Malice:A Satelite that’s been infected by the SEED has gone out of control, and it’s about to head for the Transfer Terminal, attacks from the outside are not effective. So going inside and preventing the crisis will be effective!


Mechanical Ghosts:Machines have been reactivated in an Obstruct Area of the Linear Line, Destroy them and find out the cause!


Fantastic Voyage:Dark Falz’s Memory unlocked a new deformation that takes place in an unknown Spaceship that was made when Rykros was discovered, investgate it,And evacuate!

Evacuation Route:The AMF is Securing a Route to evacuate, as the Central Command has Crisis status. Defeat the creatures so everyone can evacuate easily.

Beach Bum Beast:Paracabana Coast is being attacked by various Native Creatures and are damaging resorts. There is also a Fire Contaminated creature according to many researchers.

Sunken Shrine:The Stateria has awoken in a new RELICS Site located in the ocean floor. Defeat the Stateria so researchers can enter in safely.


Aquatic Mama:Mother Brain is causing the AMF Troops to go out of control in a new AMF Base constructed near a Seabed Plant! Defeat it to end the chaos!

Two Headed Ruins:The newly discovered RELICS Site in Foran Waterfall has a connection to the Denes Site, find out the connection and Defeat De Ragnus!

Robotanical Gardens:Out of control Machines have gone haywire in the Saguraki C.D, and the criminals who are likely disguised as Armed Servants are responsible for the haywire Machines heading to Pavillion Of Air.

Sinners Banquet:A Castle known as Ohtori Castle is being studied by the COG Members and there is a SEED Factor going on. Break through the Castle!

Castle of Monsters:A Larger Number of SEED Forms have been appearing on Ohtori Castle due to the COG Member’s Research. Purify the SEED-Forms. So the Castle does not spread out SEED.


Hooligan Hideout:The West Kugu Desert RELICS, has become a hideout for the Rogues. Defeat the Rogues to prevent the hideout!

Lode Runners:Tons of Native Creatures are attacking Labyrnith Mines! Navigate the creatures by defeating them. And defend the mines!

Snowcap Streamer:Defeat the De Rol Le who has awoken near an AMF Construction at Mt Elbars!

Red Hot Jungle:The Croodog Region is a protected region, but many of the native creatures including Dimmagolus are damaging a safe path. Clear a safe path through the Jungle!


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