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Features in PSP2 that I would like to see in PSU Clementine


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So we got tons of weapons and areas that first appeared in Phantasy Star Portable,Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. But.. they didn’t even bother adding more stuff.



Vanguard: I think it would most likely be a Master Type, Idk how you would unlock it. Idk what weapons it would equip.



Dodge actions





Zavn Val

Gavri Val

and once they have enough hits, they turn into a Black Beserk Nanoblast!




-Bola Vreema

-Evil Shark

-Flan Blume

-Guil Shark

-Jaggo Rizona


-Pal Shark



-Bag Degga

-Barbarous Wolf

-Dago Gujeri

-Koko Melodda 

-Lu Duggo

-Mog Boggo

-Nano Dragon

-Nar Lilly

-Poison Lilly

-Rappy Rizona

-Sand Rappy


-Zauzza (Appears along with Golus)



-Gol Lily



-Mil Lilly


-Rappy Go Lucky


-Guardians Rosk

-Guardians Rosta

-III Gill

-Little Wing Rosk

-Little Wing Rosta

-Mini Rappy

-Special Ops-Sparda


-Bunari Kou-3

-Finjer B

-Finjer G

-Finjer R

-Flavit B1


-Gravit S7

-Rappy Machima

-Sinow Beat

-Sinow Gold

-Chaos Bringer

-Chaos Sorcerer

-Dark Belra



-Indi Belra




-Blade Mother


-Force Mother



-Ob Lilly

-Shot Mother






Bil De Golus 

-Azn’gom Gijn’gom 

-Dark Falz Dios 

-Dol Vaveer


-Duga Dunga

-Dyla Bravas

-Faz’ntar Seg’ntar

-Giel Zohg

-Olga Flow (Both Forms)

-Orga Spritos

-Orga Angelus

-Orga Anatasis 

-Orga Dyran (It will be a Rare boss in Missions that doesn’t have a Boss like it does in Portable 2)

-Reol Badia


-Volna Gravka



-Heaven’s Mother

-Kasch Tribesman





so here’s the enemies that got absent in PSU. Do you think it’s possible to 

Import these enemies into PSU?


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Dude these would be amazing. If we could get any of this even if it's slowly I would love it. Every time I play PSU,  especially as a melee class, I always go where's the shield at! 


I think for Vanguard it would be great if it could wield a collective of one-handed weapons to use with a shield. Make it a more defensive, one handed Based, Forte-class. 


Another cool idea would be to make it so that Shields can be used in either hand that way you can use a shield and a gun as well, that way even Gunners could enjoy with handguns, machine guns, or xbows


If we were to go the multiple hand Shield route you can make it so that shields in the off hand (pistol spot) give more dfp or only dfp, and shields in the main hand give EVP or only EVP. 

Another idea is to add arts for them, like a shield bash combo skill or a barrier-esque skill.

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