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Missing Features in Clementine


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Guardians Cash:

IDK how Guardians Cash would work in Clementine I mean some of the GC items are in Clementine. And so are the Missions (Legacy of Light Entrusted Defense RELICS Preservation and The Eternal Cycle) the 4 GC Missions could likely be added as an Event Mission or a GAM.


Missing GAM Misisons:

Tons of GAM Missions are not in Clementine:

First Stage:

Plains Overlord/R

Demons Above/R

Desert Terror/R


Second Stage:

The Holy Ground/R

Unsafe Passage/R

Sacred Stream/R


Third Stage:

Bladed Legacy/R

The Black Nest/R

Lightning Beasts/R




Protectors ε'


Also you could select a difficulty but that’s not possible in Clementine. Oh I even made an idea for a 4th Stage


4th Stage:

Endrum Remnants/R

Hill of Spores/R

Mine Defense/R


Training Missions:

These Missions where programmed to help new players level up fast and get high ranked items faster. 


Stars Camp

Prize Hunt


Party Missions:

The Egg Theives

Her Secret Mission

Bruce’s Dungeon

These Missions are like Co-Op Missions, except you are in a party. And they are likely gonna be added to the server (Except for Bruce’s Dungeon)


Partner NPCS:

it was gonna be added to Clementine, but unfortunately it didn’t make it once it came out. Idk why?



Story and Side Story Missions:

Same reason



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Yeah, it's interesting. My friend likes to start her secret mission every time we play infinity, i just hate this mission because she always forgets how to play it and it turns into a hassle with explanations xD same story with egg thieves, but at least it doesn't requires many actions from her.

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