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Bosses with a Co-Op Mission


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De Ragan:Crimson Beast

Onmagoug:The Eastern Peril

Adahna Degahna:Forest Infiltration

De Ragnus:Duel in the Ruins

Magas Maggahna:Stolen Weapon

Dimmagolus:Rogue’s Shortcut

Dulk Fakis:True Darkness

Zoal Goug:Cost of Research

De Rol Le:None


Mother Brain:Electronic Brain

Dark Falz:None



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Mother Brain is the only Ambition of the Illuminus Boss to get a Co-Op Mission

There’s also a Co-Op Mission for Alterazgohg called Bullets and Claws,however that Mission is only available in PSP.

Flowery Pursuit is the only Co-Op Mission without a boss.

De Rol Le and Dark Falz are the only bosses to not have a Co-Op Mission.

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Interesting task for you. Please make a list of weapons and extra units with auras that was available on jp but we don't still have them on clem. It may highlight them for developers for a future updates.
Another task is to make a text guide about keys in wicked invasion, because this quest is now recommended for new players, but we still don't have any guide.

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