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My Top 10 Favorite Major Events

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Here I’m gonna list my Favorite Major Events and this is gonna be Top 10.



#10:1Up Platinum Cup

I remember this event to promote the Club being opened in Cylez City. And all 4 of the Missions where good execuses for farming Rappies.



#9:Maximum Attack G and Maximum Attack G+

These events totally surprised me as it had Missions that featured PSO areas.



#8:Shred the Darkness

All of the Missions were memorable and it brought back good memories. And all the Missions from this event are on the Clementine server (Except for The 4th System And the Magashi Plan)


#7:Ragol Memoria Festa

These Missions are PSO themed to promote PSO’s 10th anniversary. And one of the Missions Forest Fire Swirl reminds me of one of the Downloadable Quests in PSO1 “Central Dome Fire Swirl”




#6:The Great Arms Race

Man those where the days just making weapons for Yohmei




#5:Absolute Zero

This event brought Ice Purtfication to Online servers. And Clementine did something Similar. I hope they readd Subzero Outbreak but this time give it S-S4 ranks. And they gave Vio Tonga a playable field. I 



#4:Operation Firebreak

Ahh yes the Fire Purtification Missions. I also like the Fire Seabed Missions (BURNING RANGERS!!!)



#3:Winter Mission Carnival

Charged Puzzle was an interesting one. And all of them where interesting.



#2:Max Attack Infinity

Shame PSP2I never got a US release.




#1:Guardians Chronicles

Yeah that’s right, these are the best Event Missions ever! Because they bring back Missions from other events. And it’s a makeup for people who missed out on events!!

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I didn't play psu official online, just a bit on jp server, don't even remember the name of an event I played. My favourite on clem was kappa on last test, I also enjoyed with haloween quest and club one, in first case because mob stats was halved, hate s3 and s4 normal hp amounts, it's so boring, especially when solo. Well, almost all clem events was cool, except maybe frozen hot springs one. Psp2i now has unofficial free english patch, but I can play freely without it, as I used to play japanese games without translations.

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