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GDR Predictions


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So there’s a GDR happening, so here’s what I’m predicting for more GDRS



Moatoob GDR (Confirmed):

Caves Of Ice

Awoken Serpent

Dusty Mines



G Colony GDR:

Dark Satellite 

SEED Awakened

Mechanical Ghosts



Parum GDR 2:

Mad Creatures

Plains Overlord




Neudaiz GDR 2:

Sacred Stream

Robotanical Gardens

Flowery Pursuit


Moatoob GDR 2:

Mine Defense

Tunnel Recapture

Lode Runners


G Colony GDR 2:

Unsafe Passage

Fight For Food




Parum GDR 3:

SEED Express

Evacuation Route

Two-Headed Ruins

Lightning Beasts


Neudaiz GDR 3:

Forested Islands

Hill of Spores

Village Defense


Moatoob GDR 3:

Desert Terror

Desert Goilath




Anyways these are all I can come up with. If you have any ideas post them in the comments.


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I'll just press the like button, caz you never stop surprising me with contents of your topics xD
sometimes it seems that there can be nothing new there, but it's like tabloid press websites that got into your spam folder, it always has something to surprise you with

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1 hour ago, Eric007 said:

I also hope they add new Missions during GDR like they did in GBR in he regular servers if PSU.

I would like you to show me how GDR works one day, as it was million years since I last time logged in xD

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