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Retranslating JP only Missions


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I feel like JP Missions should’ve been Translated.

Rising Malice:Revolting Spite

Mechanical Ghosts:Ghost Mechanics

Fantasic Voyage:Remarkable Excursion

Evacuation Route:Fleeing Route 

Beach Bum Beast:Resort of Mortal

Sunken Shrine:Undersea Ruins

Aquatic Mama:Electro Foundation

Two Headed Ruins:Dicephalous Burning Ravage

Robotanical Gardens:Machinery Woods

Sinner’s Banquet:Forgotten Tower

Castle of Monsters:Beasts in the Fortress

Hooligan Hideout:Ruins of Thieves

Lode Runners:Labyrinth Tunnel

Snowcap Streamer:Snowy Viper

Red Hot Jungle:Burning Jungle


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