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Just bought the game where to start?


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So hi :)


I recently was able to find myself and original sealed copy of Phantasy Star Universe and decided to buy it after finding out that you could mod it and play it online now. I have played PSU and its sequels back in the day on the PS2 and then on the PSP however I never knew that the original PSU and its sequel AOTI had a PC version because I've never seen them being mentioned anywhere and I had never seen them being sold anywhere.

I had never been able to actually play the online mode back then as a child as our internet back then was basically non-existent because we were poor as hell.

So anyway now that I own a PC copy of PSU and would like to now play it with maybe some mods? and I would like to ask for recommendations on which ones to pick and and which ones not to pick if there are any incompatibility problems between mods.

Picture of the game here if some kind off proof of ownership is needed?

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Ello =)
You don't need actually to buy the game to play on clem because we use free latest japanese version and you can't play online using english client. But feel free to play story mode with your copy. Starter guide to play online is here: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Getting_Started_with_Clementine
Each mod has it's own author, so I can't say anything about which one is still supported and which one are not. Killroy's custom UI supported, for other info see the threads.

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Then does this mean that I am unable to use the mods with my PAL copy of the game or will I be able to use them if I install clementine on top of the game and then install the mods making it so I can play the singleplayer with them but not the online mode?

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Mods from mods section will only work on clementine client. Vanilla and english client has different file stucture so jp aoti mods sadly will not work on it.
Of course some of them can be ported, you just need some manipulations with hash names, i think. I don't have vanilla game now so I can't help you with it.

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