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Register problem


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Hello everyone. 

I just registered on the forum to join the PSU adventure.
Nevertheless i enconter a problem when registering my account to the server.

Indeed, i put my username as well my password, email adress and date of birth.
I then click on " register " but each time i have this message wich is displayed " the connection to the server has timed out "

Do you know how to solve this problem ? Should i use a specific vpn to connect the server ?

Thanks in advance.


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During the release of the server after testing, everyone was excited about the possibility of getting a low id. I filled out all the fields in advance and waited for the announcement of the launch of registration in order to click the button. Do you know what the launcher told me when the time was right? You know.
Another way to create an account was adding "_n" in game after username to create new accout, and then remove "_n" to log in with created account, 
at first they said that this method of registration does not imply restoring lost access to the account, but the flow of those who lost their accounts was so large that now even those who registered with all the data about themselves are not restored. So no matter how you register now, the main thing is not to forget your username and password.

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