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Two Years


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Been quite a ride, hasn't it?

I just want to say that it's amazing to finally have GAS on Clementine - I can only imagine how much work it must have taken to get it working properly. Beckoning Woods was also a ton of fun to play - by far the best time I've had with a custom event mission so far.

Anyway, just wanted to show some appreciation to Gnome and everyone else on the Clementine team (and a special shout out to those of you who maintain the wiki - I'd be so lost without it).

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It was Thanksgiving, and I had to squeeze out a few words of gratitude, despite the fact that I was surrounded by traitors, indifferent people who don't care about me, and vice versa, as well as stupid people with a completely different worldview and moreover, my mind was caught in their cage, a shameful captivity from which there is no escape, and there is no even a motivation to do so. I want to say thank you to myself, because in my life I am the only person who will never betray himself. I wish you also to love yourself with all the shortcomings. Of course thanks to Marm for making this server and everyone from devs for keeping it alive and even doing some updates. I am still dissatisfied with the community, they could have been kinder, they could have been more friendly. However, I'm not trying to be judgmental, because introverts and people with anxiety have a hard time socializing, and most people here are just that. In addition, otaku are prone to hysteroid personality disorders, so there is a nuclear mixture of passive aggression and a desire to be in the center of all events. I myself am inadequate from this point of view. Thank you all for two years, although in reality for most of us it is much more than two years. Stank, Break, NDW, an invaluably useful wiki. Matt, invaluably helpful infinity wiki. Smutking, just an interesting person, not prone to hypocrisy. I don't really know anyone else to thank. I hope that next Thanksgiving I can write a less depressing greeting, unless by then I die in the war for Putin's golden toilet. Although for how many years have we been afraid of death? We can even say that we are already friends with death. Peace.

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