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Easy way to edit any textures in the game.


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Greetings, dear friends.

Today I'll teach you how to edit absolutely any textures in PSU without need to dealing with weird SEGA's file formats,
without searching for correct archives, without ages of sitting with hex editors, and without pain you may experience 
when the clem developers patch the files you edited and they are automatically overwritten upon login. Now your modifications
will be safe.
Using this simple method, you can edit any texture, including character textures, area textures, weapons, special effects, mobs, 
and interface textures. This will work even if you have already downloaded custom texture mod files as it works on rendering level
instead of mods working on files editing.

Make your character a unique make-up and appearance, dye clothes in colors that are not 
in the game, edit details, dye the hair in colors that are not there or even several colors at once, create unique unit aura effects,
beautiful area skins, build them into a package and send to your friends or post in the mods section. In fact, it will be very simple
 and even beginners who have never made mods will be able to start with this. All retextures you will make will be visible, of course,
just to you, as it's client sided, but I think it will be fine if you send them to your friends, I'm not sure about if character retextures
will work after sharing as idk how the hashing works here, most likely they will be able to see it, other reskins will be visible 100%.
So, let's start. First of all you need an app called TexMod, I'll put the link at the end of this post. You should open it as admin, 
because the game runs only under admin rights and a process with the lower permissions most likely will not be able to inject.


Choose the Logging Mode, select PSUC.exe as the target destination (sad part is that you running app directly and will not be able to use
custom resolutions, but if you want I can edit executable and make custom resolution exes like it was during test so you can keep using them)
 mark Draw Control and Texture Info (it will enable navigation overlay in the game) Show Texture on upper left corner (so you will see the
texture in overlay) Replace Texture (it will replace selected texture with green texture on the model, so you will be able to see which part
this texture is belong to). Output format: DDS (you may try to check other formats but when I tried PNG it was without alpha (transparency)
channels and it's sucks, so better use good old direct draw surface one), Log with select another button, by default it's enter and enter is pain
to use as a hotkey. Output folder will be automatically created in output folder destination. When you hit "run" , the game will open with the overlay
and start reading all rendered textures, log file created in "out"  folder and you should select this log file as DefFile.  Navigate the textures
by pressing + and - on NumPad and if you don't have a keyboard with NumPad you can always use the windows screen keyboard. 
So go to the place in the game where the texture you want to edit presents, find it using + and - and then press the key you choose as "Log with"
The textures you choose will appear in "out" folder, to edit them you need a raster graphic app that can read .dds extension, such as gimp2
or you can install dds plugin to most comfortable to use photoshop, to paint .NET, whatever you like, just google it.
After you edited and saved the texture (don't forget to save it with alpha if the texture has transparent parts) you can see how it looks in game, you don't
need to always restart the game after each change, just press dot button on numpad to refresh the render (will work if you selected DefFile correctly).
For example I made that beast nose that's only NPC's have and cool round beard.


When you done editing your textures you don't want to play in a Logging Mode as it always read textures and slowdowns your game.
You want to play in a Package Mode, but first of all you should  create a package with your textures. Textures you choose was automatically written
in a log file from "out" folder. Press "Package Build" and select this log file, then press build. Go to the Package Mode, hit folder icon and select your
package, in the same way, those with whom you share them will install your texture packs. People will see your name and description if you put them.
To delete the package hit cross button (thanks cap)
Issues: when you edited textures of your char clothes and then decided to change outfit to another it may appear that edited textures was put on them xD
Solution: make another package without that texture.
Almost any change in your character danger to edited character textures, so be careful with it. Also, don't be surprised that character in game and
character in dressing room are two different models with different textures, even if they looks similar xD

P.S.: it works only under directx9 renderer, I don't know if it will work if you're using vulkan or forced dx11\12 or any dll wrappers

So, I wish you success in your creative endeavors, I will be glad to see your results, so share screenshots of your retextures, 
share your packs and have fun editing everything you want! May the Holy Light guide you =)

Tool: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14AFL-lcQ0Wg_sOqzhvXaJK3XdPHUQCKi/view?usp=share_link

Custom resolution exes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tposp11eZBIWGdxndnMdshJgdZF8fJKb/view?usp=sharing

Edited by SHOTGUN
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Posted (edited)

Added custom resolution executables pack to use with texmod, as you can't use online exe with this. Now you able to use custom resolutions.
Place exes to PSU folder and choose in texmod or umod which one you want to use. Do NOT try to rename them to PSUC.exe because patcher will rewrite your exe upon login. Exes are LATEST for today.
As a bonus I added 426x240 resolution, interface is too large and you barely can see anything and have to manage through menus blindly, but you now can run the game with 60 fps on any ancient calculator and use your stupid traveling pa.
Enjoy making skins, guys.

Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tposp11eZBIWGdxndnMdshJgdZF8fJKb/view?usp=sharing

Edited by SHOTGUN
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