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Tornado Dance- potential bug



about 8 months ago i asked in the discord why the tornado dance was not functioning as intended. i was told a few things to try trouble shoot.  


all this time later, i have finally exhausted that list, so now i will ask here on behalf of my sister and I:


My tornado dance skill is level 43, it hits 4 times as expected, but does not cover the additional distance i have seen it move when others use it for mobility through stages. is there a reason why my tornado dance does not travel the additional distance? as currently it is faster for me to walk through the level than it is to spend the pp on the tornado dance.

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The way the game works is based off of your fps. Animations will play like normal if you are running at 60 fps. So you should try to get your fps as close to that number as possible.
If you are on an older system this could potentially be difficult, but try lowering your graphics settings.
If your system is relatively modern and you are sure you should be getting 60 fps, make sure your "Frame Skip" is set to 0 in the launcher settings and make sure your monitor's refresh rate is set to at least 60.

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