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September Update Prediction


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So yeah it’s almost PSU’s 16th anniversary I think Clementine should do an update on that.

Ohtori Encampment should be in difficulties.

Very Hard:125+
Super Hard:150+
The Level requirements are the same 

In Roar of Flames (GAM)  you now could use Nanoblast and SUV Weapon and deaths are aloud. And difficulties as well.

New Missions:

The Big Push (GAM)

Charged Puzzle

Freezing Woodlands

Frozen Wastelands

Tower of Eternal

The last 3 are custom Mission and a Free Mission

and new items!


Freezing Woodlands

Planet:Neudaiz (Kugo Hot Springs)

Description:A Frigid disease is spreading over Mizuraki C.D, purify and defeat the altered Native Creatures

Location:Mizuraki C.D (Ice Version) (Blocks 1-3)

Enemies:Gohmon/Olgohmon (Ice),Ollaka (Ice),Goshin (Ice),Tengohg (Ice),Ubakrada (Ice),Kamatoze (Ice),Kubetob (Ice).

Rare Enemy:Jigo Booma



Frozen Wastelands

Planet:Moatoob (W.Kugu:Ajils Kugu)

Description:The Native Creatures in the West Kugu Desert have been infected by the Ice contamination. Annihilate  all creatures in the Desert before they reach the Ajils Kugu Oasis

Location:West Kugu Desert (Ice Version) (Block 1-4)

Enemies:Vanda/Vanda Merha (Ice),Drua Gohra (Ice),Bul Buna (Ice),Naval (Ice),Jishagara (Ice).

Rare Enemy:Jaggo

Boss:De Rol Le.


Tower of Eternal

Planet:Guardians Colony 

Description:A VR Simulation taking place on a Tower, test your skills to make it to the top.

Location:Ohtori Castle (Eternal Tower labeled in description) (Floor 1-???)

Enemies:All Enemies with every element they have.

Rare Enemy:All






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