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Updates Prediction for August


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Note:This is a prediction 


New Features Prediction:

-Rare Enemies now spawn during Clementine Chronicles

-Kagajibari now reacts to your element same with Delp Slami

New Missions:

-Ruins in the Mist

-Lode Runners

-The Egg Thieves

Level Cap:200

This is Just my ideas

so what new features do you want to come in August?


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Yeah here the Missions we don’t have yet:

Rising Malice

Mechanical Ghosts

Evacuation Route

The Egg Thieves

Ruins in the Mist

Lode Runners

Charged Puzzle 

Roar of Flames (Permanent version)

Plains Overload/R

Demons Above/R

Desert Terror/R

The Holy Ground/R

Unsafe Passage/R

Sacred Stream/R

World of Illusion/R

Bladed Legacy/R

The Black Nest/R

Lightning Beasts/R

Protectors ε (Permanent)

Legacy of Light

Entrusted Defense

RELICS Preservation 

The Eternal Cycle

MAG (Permanent Version)

Program DF (Permanent Version)


Fork in the Road

Security Breach

New Challengers

Her Secret Mission

The Comeback

Temple of Traps

Bruce’s Dungeon

All Story and Side Story Missions

Scorched Valley (Guardians Chronicles Version

Protectors λ

Explosive Area

Star Camp

Prize Hunt

SEED-Form Purge

Here’s all the missing Missions currently not in Clementine 



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