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Possible Missions for July 2022


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So I thought of more Missions to think of.

Illuminus Legacy (Sequel to Illuminus Illusion) 

Description:The IIIuminus are now in a Base in Moatoob, Follow there path.

Planet:Moatoob (II Cabo Base)

Location:IIuminus Base (II Cabo Base)

Enemies (Block 1):GSM-05 Seeker, Special OPS (Vobis), Special Ops (Kanohne),Special Ops (Solda),Grinna Bete C,YG-01K BUGGE.

Rare Enemies (Block 1):Grinna Bete S

Enemies (Block 2):Nava Ludda (Ground),Jishagara (Ice),Bil De Vear (Ground),Vanda/Vanda Merha (Fire),Vanda Orga,Zoona (Fire)

Enemies (Block 3):Karl F.Howzer,Renvolt Magashi.

Enemies (Block 4):Galdeen,Delp Slami,Zasharogan,Orcdillan,Delsaban/Deljaban,Gaozoran,SEED-Vance/SEED-Vitace.

Boss:Magas Maggahna


Memories of the Violet Stars 

So this mission is based on Blue Star Memories except only 3 players are allowed.

Description:There has been a VR Simluation In Neudaiz, test it out and do your best!

Planet:Neudaiz (Guardians Branch)

Locations:New Simulation on Neudaiz (labeled in Mission details) Stage 1:Rush Attack (Temple), Stage 2:Fighting on! (Temple), Stage 3:Puzzle Forest (Shikon Islands), Stage 4:Burning Room (Temple),Stage 5:Almost at the end (Pavillon of Air),Stage 6:Finale (Boss)

Enemies (Stage 1):Armed Servant (Ozuna),Armed Servant (Taguba),Bysha Type-Ostu32,Shinowa Hidoki.

Enemies (Stage 2):Ageeta (Ice),Gohmon/Olgohmon (Ice),Ollaka (Fire),Tengohg (Fire),Kamatoze (Ice),Kagajibari.

Rare Enemies (Stage 2):Rappy

Enemies (Stage 3):Ageeta (Ice),Ollaka (Fire),Rappy Polec,Kamatoze (Ice),Kagajibari,Kubetob (Fire),Kakwane.

Rare Enemies (Stage 3):Rappy Igg

Enemies (Stage 4):Sageeta (Fire),Gohmon/Olgohmon (Fire),Ollaka (Fire),Tengohg (Fire),Ubakrada (Fire),Goshin (Fire).

Rare Enemies (Stage 4):Jigo Booma

Enemies (Stage 5):Gohmon/Olgohmon,(Light),Kakwane,Kamatoze (Light),Komazli (Light),Ollaka (Light),Ageeta (Light),Goshin (Light).

Rare Enemies (Stage 5):Jaggo



Abandoned Valley

Description:A Mine has been abandoned near Moatoob known as Bostonia Mine, clear the native creatures on the mine.

Planet:Moatoob (Galengaire:Lake)

Location:Bostonia Mine (Galengaire Canyon (Block 1-2) Galengaire Mine (Block 3-4))

Enemies (Block 1-2):Vanda/Vanda Merha (Fire),Jishagara (Ice),Kog Nadd,Lapucha (Ice),Vanda Orga,YG-01Z BUG,YG-01K BUGGE.

Enemies (Block 3-4):Bul Buna (Ground),Bil De Vear (Ground),Vanda Orga (Ground),Grinna Bete C,GSM-05B Bomalta,Nava Ludda (Ground).

Rare Enemies (Block 3-4):Grinna Bete S

(Please make Bostonia Mine have a Free Mission)


Claws and Bullets (Based on a PSP Mission)

Description:The IIIuminus have let lose guard machines as well as a Alterazgohg, sneak inside the communion lab and defeat the Alterazgohg.

Planet:Neudaiz (Shintenkaku)

Locations:Agata Islands

Enemies:Ageeta (Ice),Gohmon/Olgohmon (Ice),Kamatoze (Ice),Ollaka (Fire),Bysha Type-Kohl21,Bysha Type-Otsu32,Shinowa Hidoki.

Rare Enemies:Jaggo




Legacy of Light

Description:This is a cooperative mission created by the Supervisor’s Office,  recommended for a full party. Be careful if you decide to take it on solo as the route will change! Client:Holyoke Dence

Planet:Guardians Colony (Supervisor’s Office)

Locations:VR Kugu RELICS

Enemies for Block 1 (Both Routes):Nava Ludda (Ground),Svaltus,Volfu (Lightning)

Enemies for Block 2 (Solo Route):Nava Ludda (Ground),Zamvapas

Enemies for Block 2 (Party Route):Dila Griena

Enemies for Block 3 (Solo Route):Nava Ludda

Enemies for Block 3 (Party Route):Gainozeros,Golmoro,Koltova

Enemies for Block 4 (Solo Route):Badira (Fire),Bafal Bragga

Enemies for Block 4 (Party Route):Bafal Bragga,Rygutass

Tonga Raid

Description:The Vio Tonga is becoming a spot for native creatures. Prevent the native creatures from entering the Northern Continent

Planet:Moatoob (N.Cont:Vio Tonga)

Locations:Vio Tonga

Enemies:Nava Ludda (Ice),Bul Buna (Ice),Bil De Vear (Ice),Vanda/Vanda Merha (Ice),Zoona (Ice),Jishagara (Ice),Kog Nadd,Bafal Bragga.

Rare Enemies:Bil De Melan


Oasis of Attackers

Description:Rogues from the West Kugu Desert have decided to raid in the Ajis Kugu, prevent that from happening!

Planet:Moatoob (W.Kugu:Ajis Kugu)

Location:Ajis Kugu

Enemies:Rogue Mazz,Rogue Wikko,Rogue (Ogg),Rogue (Jasse),Gohma Dilla,Gohma Methna,Dilla Griena,Vanda Orga,Bil De Vear,Naval

Rare Enemies:Jaggo (Note:I was thinking of you making a Rare Variant of Bead Groode but it’s not possible I guess)


Engine invaders

Description:Native Creatures have invaded a Train, as well as a Ruined City where a De Ragnus is nesting near a Ruins. Take the Train to the Ruined City!

Planet:Parum (Foran Waterfall)

Locations:Foran Train (Train) (Block 1-2) Old Rozenom City (Block 3)

Enemies (Block 1-2):Badira (Lightning),Distova (Lightning),Vahra/Go Vahra (Lightning),Jarba (Lightning),Shagreece (Lightning)

Enemies (Block 3):Golmoro,Bal Soza (Lightning),Shagreece (Fire),Volfu (Lightning),Gainozeros (Lightning)

Rare Enemy (Block 3):Jaggo

Boss:De Ragnus



Phew that’s a lot! I might do more in August or… well I don’t know but anyways bye!




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