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3 new Missions I made up for This


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Side Missions:
Sneaky Canyon:

Description:The Native Creatures are getting ferociously ! Sneak your way all the way to the Target Point!

Location:Galengaire Canyon

Enemies:Vanda/Vanda Merha (Fire) Naval (Ground) Lapucha (Ice) Jishagara (Ice) Vanda Orga (Ground)

Rare Enemy:Jaggo (Light)

Start Lobby:Moatoob Guardians Branch

End Lobby:Moatoob Guardians Branch

Note:The Mission will fail if you die.


Mizuraki Defenders

Description:Switches have been located around The Mizuraki C.D, used them to build traps.

Location:Mizuraki C.D

Enemies:Ageeta (Ice and Fire) Goshin (Fire) Ollaka (Fire) Gohmon/Olgohmon (Ice and Fire) Kamatoze (Ice) Kagajibari (Light) Ubakrada (Ice and Fire)

Rare Enemy:Rappy (Light)

Start Lobby:Neudaiz Guardians Branch

End Lobby:Neudaiz Guardians Branch
Learning Mission

Description:In this Mission you will learn the basics of this game.

Location:Training Area (Linear Line Dark Infected)

Enemies:Pannon (Dark) Delsaban (Dark)

Start Lobby:Guardians Headquarters

End Lobby:Guardians Headquarters


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