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How to get Buff, Rentis/Dizas, Resta/Reverser parties


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Just like other parties, and especially lower level runs, it's really difficult to get a party going.  Mainly the reason is that people don't know or don't care to communicate and just expect things to happen.  Some of the more successful parties are rare trains.  They make use of threads and usually have some kind of facilitator.  But there IS a method that COULD get people parties consistently and reliably WITHOUT someone facilitating, and that is a general Party thread(AND OBVIOUSLY, it'll be done in DISCORD, because no one visits the forums).


1.First, 3 separate threads will have to be made in #LFG:

-Buff party

-Rentis/Dizas party

-Resta/Reverser party


2. Next, you need to designate a time.  In order to make things simple and organized, the parties should follow a schedule.  For example, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  But some people may run into availability issues, so there should be some flex, which comes in the form of secondary dates, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  The actual time will be set by the participating individuals.  It will look like so:

-Buff party: Friday, Monday

-Rentis/Dizas party: Saturday, Tuesday

-Resta/Reverser party: Sunday, Wednesday


3. You want to set the location for each run so that it always becomes THE SPOT when it concerns that party.  Just my opinion: Evo Path is the best for buffs.  You want to do Rentis or Dizas, so it's better to have both in the same run, which seems to be Snowcap b3.  Resta/Reverser Hill of Spores is early in b1.

-Buff party: Friday, Monday, Evolution's Path, Guardian's Colony, 5th Floor

-Rentis/Dizas party: Saturday, Tuesday, Snowcap Screamer, Moatoob, Vio Tonga

-Resta/Reverser party: Sunday, Wednesday, Hill of Spores, Neudaiz, Tanze Route


4.  The above are only the GROUND RULES and will be put in the header of the thread.  Now we'll talk about how to participate.  It is pretty simple.  To get started, one just joins the thread and says something simple like:

Tetsuri: want buff party, prefer Friday, between 6 and 12(use system time, according the the in-game clock).

then other people can also post their interest, and they can dialogue about it in the thread and set up a date and time slot.

And if there is not enough interest, then you just wait until more people pop into the thread the next week, and so forth.

And these are intended to be run-on threads, so after you've ran one party, the next party can continue to use the thread to set up the next run.


ALTERNATIVELY, LFG could get its own section with actual channels for different parties.  #Buff #Bricks #Heals #C rank # B rank, etc.....

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