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Master Class that Uses the Remaining Weapons


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This isn't so much a specific suggestion rather than just my attempt to think of and encourage other people to think of some things a Master class/classes could have if there were to be a Master class that covers all the other weapons.

One idea I had is for the class to be the opposite of an Acro class, where rather than increase the attack speed, it decreases it. My idea is that this class would add a special effect to weapons after their attacks hit the enemy when using these weapons with this class (it doesn't have to double the damage it could be another hit that does half the damage or maybe even less). Like for the Whips and the ranged weapons I think having a small explosion effect might make sense. And for grenades it would also increase the Area of Effect of the explosions the weapon already creates. I'm not sure what the other weapons additional effect would be.

I don't know how possible that would be, but basically I think a class or classes that do the opposite of the Acro classes would be an interesting idea. Another idea I thought of at one point is that this class could allow all it's weapons to do Just Attacks including the ranged weapons, and increase the damage only for them, so it would be a class more about burst damage and timing, rather than just always doing more damage no matter how you play.

But anyway as I said, share your own ideas too, this is just a fun thread to try to think up various ways a class that uses these weapons might work. And what would make it different than the other Master classes without making the already strong weapons too OP.

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