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Twin Handguns after buff, Opinions and suggestions.


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Twin Handguns after buffs have been absolutely amazing to use, The damage output isn't amazing, but it is consistent when using weapons like Twin Heaven Avengers/ Strikers.
The problem though is that there's only two guns that do really well with mobbing and both are annoying to get. Another issue is that the Aimbotting is a bit too good, making it the safest raw dps option.
This creates the problem where most classes that have access to them are spamming them in mass groups for fast clears which isn't a problem, but it makes it harder for other classes to even get close to mobs before they even die. damage imo is perfectly fine cause pure melee classes "can" out damage them, But they don't do nearly enough consistent damage to compete in a few situations. The proposal to this change is making Twin heavens range shorter than other weapons, But also adding a potential prototype that appears very commonly for all twin handguns. variation so that there isn't just two guns in the entire game that can deal decent mobbing DPS for twn handguns.

As the are now, the range and aimbotting combined make them too good, while making sure theres zero risk involved, It's become a meta in HC aswell and may need some tuning, though i dont think touching the damage is the right choice considering how "weak"  THS is. But thats just my opinion.

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