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Another Mission Idea


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Yes this is another Mission Idea here’s my Mission request.




Freezing Forest:

So after thinking about the Subzero Outbreak event I think the Ice Mizuraki area should get it’s one area permanent Mission with purification.

Description: A frigid disease from a failed experiment has been unleashed in the Mizuraki C.D, and is quickly overtaking the Forest. Investigate the area and purify it!

Enemies:Ageeta (Ice) Gohmon/Olgohmon (Ice) Ollaka (Ice) Goshin (Ice) Tengohg (Ice) 

Rare Enemy:Jaggo (Light)

Boss: None.


Fork in the Road and Heaven,Earth Man: I think these Missions would be perfect for like a permanent thing or a event thing. Which one do you want it to be.

Also the enemies  and description should be obvious so I’m not gonna list them.





Protectors κ

This Mission was an event here but should be permanent.


that’s all.


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