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Solo-Self-Fund/SSF Mode? +More playing options for hardmode


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Hardmode and sandbox mode are nice additions, but it would be nice if there was a Solo-Self-fund mode,
Like with slightly better rates on drops but the trade off is that you can never trade/drop/buy with other players.
But would not be excluded from playing with others. I hate not being able to play with certain friends because they aren't on a hardmode account.
this can also translate to a HC-SSF mode too. Where the same risks involved with playing hardmode is also applied to a SSF mode. "Hardmode+" basically.
It's meant for those looking for a better solo-experience if people want the option to do so.

Or a pure solo mode. where you can't rely on on anyone but your own abilities.
The only issue with this is that some missions seem extremely tuned for party play at times so they may have a hard time doing these types of missions.
This also extends to an additional hardmode, This means you truly cannot rely on others for party play. while also having to fund for yourself. Your truly on your own in this hard difficulty.

Maybe for Pure solo, players would have the option to play at a higher difficulty during solo-party play. with the knowledge that their lives may be at stake, allowing players to play at their own pace.

Maybe even add an easy mode for those who want a more vanilla experience or an easier time overall.

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