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GH 420 Gypsy PM the easy way, written for level 400 update


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Every so often, someone on Discord will scratch their head over getting this PM.  Well, it's actually really simple; I'll show you.  Note that, at the time this guide was written, evolution only affects appearance, as the PM cannot be used in battles.  In the future, you'll also be able to freely change the appearance with PM Devices.


  • The Requirement, SIMPLIFIED.
  • Striking Levels
  • Armor Levels
  • The Remaining Levels
  • Requirements Breakdown (Read if you want explanation of the evolution paths)
  • The Basics (Read if you need a primer to PM feeding)


The Requirement, SIMPLIFIED.

You just need to get 20 Striking, followed by 60 of any other category that is NOT Striking.  The best feed that doesn't have any interference is Armor.

This is not the ONLY way, but it's the simplest way.  You can read about it in Requirements Breakdown if you're interested.

Striking Levels

The days of feeding striking weapons are gone.  Restoratives simply has better gains for less cost than even 2* weapons.  If you want to full feed on day 1, then Moon Atomizers are the way to go. 

BUT, there is a cheaper way to feed that gives even more stats per feed, and you can build it up without visiting the shop.  All you have to do is pick up and store your atomizers/food items, and you will be able to meet your Striking requirements.




Armor Levels

For armor levels that won't drop Technic, you want to feed CLOTHES.  You can feed Koltovan suits and other freebies.  Your standard feed is going to be Vatavara Boots from Moatoob for 2k EA.



You can buy 100(or more) in one go by transferring them into your storage box at the Synthesis Shop next door to the right.





The Remaining Levels

Finish feeding Striking to 100 before feeding Technic Weapons to 100

Finish feeding Technic to 100 before feeding traps to 100

Finish feeding Armor to 100 Whenever


Requirements Breakdown

Evolution 1: GH201(Blue Ball) is required.  It needs at least 10 Striking and evolves at 20 Production.

Evolution 2: GH301 or GH302 is required.

  • GH301(Dragon) needs at least 20, but NO MORE THAN 29 Striking and evolves at 50 Production.
  • GH302(Cat) needs NO MORE THAN 19 Striking and evolves at 50 Production.

Evolution 3: GH420(Gypsy) needs...

  • GH301 with NO MORE THAN 29 Striking and evolves at 80 Production.
  • GH302 with NO MORE THAN 29 Range and evolves at 80 Production.

Basically, if you take the Striking route, you just need to stop before 29 Striking, and you can feed anything else to get Gypsy.  Even easier is the Cat route, where you only feed 10 Striking, and then anything else except range.

The Basics

Partner Machines(PM's) are robots in your room that allow you to use Room Functions like setting up shop, changing room appearances, storage, synthesis, and changing the PM itself.

Synthesis is the crafting function of PSU, and the efficiency and effect of the synthesis depends on the Production Level of the PM.  the Production Levels fall under 4 categories:  Striking Weapons, Range Weapons, Technic Weapons, and Armor.  In order to raise Production Levels, items related to that category must be sacrificed to the PM.  The PM's appearance changes depending on the Production Levels gained, which is the purpose of this guide.

Each Production Category can be leveled to 100, and each level requires 100 points.  In Clementine, you can reach level 100 in all 4 Categories, resulting in a PM total Production Level of 400.

You can read more about PM functions and feeding here: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Partner_Machines

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