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Mission Request


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For December you should make a New Mission. The new Mission is called  Freezing Mantain


Lobby:W. Kugu: Field Base

Location:Kugu Desert (Ice Contiamined)


a frigid disease has begun to spread over the Desert areas of Moatoob. Defeat every creature in the Desert!

Enemies:Naval (Ice) Vanda/Vanda Merha (Ice)  Drua Gohra (Ice) Bil De Vear (Ice) Jishagara (Ice) Bul Buna (Ice) Zoona (Ice)
Rare Enemies:Rappy Noel

Boss:De Rol Le

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I think you should put your inspiration in development of your own games while you still have it, even if you have no skills you can start with friendly constructors such as rpg maker or game maker, they support scripting languages so you can go advanced with time, most popular indie game developers started there and had a great success, it's way productive waste of time instead of just throwing your ideas and wish someone will wave a magical want and fulfill your wishes

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