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Add More A Mission Editor


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How would it work, Mission Editors are Basically Creating your Own Mission. Here’s how this would work.

1:First off you have to select the planet you want the Mission to be in, and select the areas you want the Mission to take place. You can have it up to maybe 20 areas, and how many Blocks you want the Mission to have and name your Mission.

2:Put which Enemies you want to appear in  the Mission. If a Enemy has another Element you can change it (Example Gohmon’s Default Element is Ice, you can change to Light or Fire) you can also add in Variations. (Leader (Default Element Only) Sword Shield Staff and Boost.)however not all Enemies can have buffs….

3:You can also add in Objects (Fences Switches etc)

4:Depending on the Area, you can change Area appearance (You can change Mizuraki C.D From Normal to Night)

5:You can change Mission Area name as well and Trial, and add in the Rare Map. And add in Cutscenes (Sometimes) As well as Bosses.

6:When your done with that Give your Mission a Name and publish it. You can also Recreate most Missions with this system.


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even if you imagine that your dreams of such a beautiful gui will come true, you don't have an open source server in order to put your quest there and test it for errors, it usually takes a lot of tests to make the quest playable before final release.

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