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Clem Appreciation Thread


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Hey all,

This post is for any and all to post what they are thankful for about PSU Clementine Server. I've been playing PSU Clementine for close to 5 years, and don't really send my thanks anywhere except in a form of an in-game bow to mods/devs when I see them. Try to say nice and grateful words directed at developers and moderators in this thread, I will Start:

All who have helped Clementine become what it is today, thanks for all you've done for clem. I've been very happy with clem and the many improvements you've made over the years. You've recreated my favorite game of all time and I appreciate it greatly. When clem is up and running and I'm up and running, it's always been happy times for me. I don't send in my thanks and appreciation often, but I'm always super happy and excited to read your updates about clem. I can imagine you get a lot of complaints and ungrateful people sending messages, and the happy are silently playing and enjoying themselves getting stronger in game. That's why I made this post, hopefully some choose to leave kind words. If I ever get rich I'll donate heavily to clem's progress. Live a good life and don't stress. God bless you all

Thanks for creating happiness for me and many,
The dog

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This game saved my life! 

Back when this game was on console, a horrible tragedy struck my family. I ended up isolating with pretty much only my games to keep me company, and this is the game that kept a smile on my face through those tough times. 

Thank you so much to everyone involved in making, creating and bringing this game back to life. 


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Thank you so much for everyone that contributes to making Psu: Clementine.

This is by far my most enjoyment I've ever had in years of gaming since Psu originally shut down.
You guys do not get enough worship, the team is amazing, and we are grateful to be able to go down memory lane and play with our friends.
I have reconnected with people I have not spoken to in YEARS! 

Thanks for all you do, to the Development & Moderation team! Just know you're very well appreciated regardless of how many comments you get on this thread!!! 🥰

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Phantasy Star as a series has literally altered the direction of my human existence with people I have met. I met a friend and got a family out of it because of PSO and I have made trips because of people I have met on PSU.

So it's fair to say that y'all bringing back another way for all of us to enjoy this game or even series is greatly appreciated just on the basis of using your time to sustain this pocket universe we call Phantasy Star Universe. 
I'll be here even if just afk as long as this reality exists and I got people I enjoy it with are here as well. So again, thanks much for using your time to create a way for us to enjoy our time. Hitting Acrotecher 100 really made me think about the investment of said time, ya know? 

I have just started with the music personalization and I'm having a blast creating a full Phantasy Star experience for me. I think that's pretty lit I can do that~

Keep 'em coming!

~The Eternal Sinner

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I've never been much into the anime scene. Phantasy Star Universe is, quite literally, the only anime I've ever given a damn about. 

I remember playing it as kid, with no knowledge whatsoever. No idea of minimaxing, resource procurement, or anything important to end game. Then again, I never made it to the end game in the first place, so I guess it really did not matter in the end, huh?

So, I would like to thank the staff for actually giving me the chance to experience the game to its fullest. Poor young me never got the chance, as the servers shut down before I was developed enough to understand endgame concepts. I still don't really minmax, but I actually hit endgame content, thus I am content. I am still missing plenty of info, but I can do runs effectively, which is better than my time on the official servers.

Staff included; I would like to thank everyone here for helping to keep the game alive. Regardless of our pissing matches, this is a tight nit community that I can't help but appreciate (except for the toxic pricks, of course). It's always nice to have people to shoot the shit with, even if we can't see each other's faces. Thanks to all of us, the dream persists.

Again, a great deal of thanks to the staff. Here's hoping things only get better for us.

Keep it real all.

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I'm thankful for all the new guns that I never got to use on retail because "lol we're Segac" and also all the QoL improvements. The game aged like milk, but it's still fun in non-obvious ways. Also, a shout-out to the mods that support the game in any way. I feel that people for the most part show appreciation to them, but there's always those few that like to be negative. All I gotta say is don't let the haters get you down. There's always gonna be people like that anywhere you go be it in the VR space or IRL. <3

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I think I no longer need to tell how grateful I am, my thousands of hours over the past 6 years bear witness to this. Thanks for everything.

Advice, if it can help for a "better future" like I saw on discord : to sum up, a more severe moderation. I think you are doing yourself harm for nothing by being lax on improbable behavior.

Hope this server will stay for a long time... Good luck !

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Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd get to come back to PSU again. I started playing when I was fresh out of high school until well into college. The game had already been out for awhile, and I tried it on a pure whim. I had no idea I was getting into what would easily become my most favored MMO. I loved the community, the game itself was simple and easy to grasp, and it gave me plenty to do and see. I even met one of my best friends through PSU. My heart sank when I found out it was being discontinued. I was absolutely heartbroken. Time passed, however, and I moved on. Fast forward to just about 2 months ago, when I found myself Googling PSU just to rife through the old wiki for it and relive the memories on a whim, I discover Clementine. All this time, a PSU server existed, and I had no idea until just a month or two, ago. Bruh, I was ecstatic. When I finally made the jump to download the game and get back into things, it was surreal. To be back in the Gurhal System was just...fantastic. To see it brought back to its former glory by people who had such a passion for the game was more than I could've hoped for. And to experience the community in-game and in the Discord has just been such a treat.

To those who have kept this server up and running this whole time; from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to relive my nostalgia and the good times I had, and thank you for the opportunity to create new memories and friends here. You're doing something amazing here, and I hope to see this server continue to run for a long, LONG time. I believe in what you guys are doing here. <3

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  • Moderators

So here's my two cents on the matter.

Great game but absolutely horrendous community unfortunately. 

For every 10 good/appreciative member there were a hundred ungrateful/toxic players who would aim at moderator's/Developers who had done nothing wrong but just due to sheer entitlement they thought it was acceptable to attack/flame members of the moderation/developer team openly.

I absolutely loved playing PSUC and helping the developer's in being a moderator and I will say it was a pleasure to play with many people who made my time playing PSU an absolutely amazing experience which I am sure you all know who you are.


On the flipside there are a few members of the community who were absolutely attrocious people who would DM me consistently begging for insider info for their Time attack runs or asking to be sneakily dm'ed the drop rates/tables (Before they were posted publicly) and also being asked if I could sell them Meseta for mills to the $ and unfortunately the list really does go on.

The players who were actively causing problem's were the same one's who would actively discourage the developers on their hard work to just give up which was clearly disheartening to read/hear.

The cheating/hackers were such a pathetic aspect to have to deal for me as in my opinion this was a fan rebuilt game that was built FOR the fans and yet we still had to deal with pathetic amounts of speedhackers/scammers on a daily basis.

Moderation on the server did need to be handled better and I should have been firmer with the toxic players so that part is on me personally as I felt a guided hand in the right direction was a better approach than a tough banhammer for the toxic players.

My reason for leaving PSUC and moving on is simply because the toxic players out numbered the good ones and when you are getting DM's at stupid hours of the morning (2-5am) of people rule breaking you really just can't be bothered to deal with the nonsense especially when you have an actual life to deal with outside of PSUC.

My biggest regret is leaving the good people to be forced into suffering the toxic pieces of shit they have to deal with on a daily basis but ultimately when you have 80% of a community deciding that you and the developer are wasting your own time by trying to remake a fantastic game it SHOULD have been had it not been for the dickheads who will always ruin the games like this with their entitled toxic attitude that seem to think having a strong opinion somehow amounts to them *DESERVING* to be a developer or moderator just because THEY say so.

Marm/Kyu/Jakoo/Gnome/Strawdonkey/Whammy all deserved better from the community and it disgusts me even now still how greedy/arrogant people got with demanding more from any of them.

All in all I absolutely loved the community (The good people) and I absolutely loved helping the Devs/Mods out in trying to steer this game and it's community into something that could last for years.

Much love and honestly fuck all of the toxic players for ruining this game and it's community with your selfish attitude and complete disregard for anyone.



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I don't play, but I wanted to drop in to say that I'm beyond grateful for everything that the Clementine team has done to keep Universe alive. Each Phantasy Star game is special to me in different ways, and until Clementine finally went online, it always felt like Universe was the only title I couldn't voluntarily return to play in full.

It hurts to hear about the toxicity and drama, but hey, it's the Phantasy Star community. It's always been a melting pot of the best and worst kinds of people. Keep the good ones close and never let the bad ones drag you down.

To the team running this shindig: thank you. Always remember that the work you do is appreciated, even if that appreciation isn't always properly conveyed. Keep up the good work.

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I definitely don't agree with every decision the Clementine team has made, but thank you for all the time and effort you've put into this server. Regardless of if I stick around in the future or not, I've had a lot of fun playing here.

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Clementine is a fantastic server. I don't know what the future holds, but I'm glad we even have a server to play on. I'm going to be honest, I don't know where these toxic players are coming from. I've been playing for over a year, and have over 500 hours in it. I started the days when we did buff parties for shifta/deband etc and no S ranks existed, and I have met maybe three people who were jerks in that entire timeframe. The VAST majority of the people I've played with, are normal people who never complained about the game, and just wanted to chill. Most seemed happy this server even existed. So I wonder where these people are. Do they even play? Do they just linger in the discord and spread nonsense? The three people I know, won't mention names, one was a jerk (kind of mean when I was being nice and asking how he was doing), one was spreading misinformation (lying about how the Clem team was arguing and fighting and in disaray), and the other guy booted me for being a low level AT. Besides that, NEVER had an issue. Honestly I'd hate to see this game go away because of a few jerks, especially when the vast majority are nice. So I'm not sure what to say. Unfortunately it's the internet, some people are going to be jerks, some people are going to troll, that's just the way it is. In the PSO days, I remember the inappropriate symbol chats (though I will say, some of the "inappropriate" ones I got a kick out of and still do (and I'm 35!), the hackers, the NOL'ers. And yes it sucked. But I also have a lot of good memories. And to be frank, I blame SEGA for how bad PSO was online. They could have gotten involved with the servers, banned hackers etc but they didn't. I never witnessed any cheating in this game either. I noticed some people stronger than others, but assumed people who grinded weps and fed their PM's etc could do that. So I'm not sure.

Edited by Creinu
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I would like to thank the dev team for all their hard work in bringing back PSU as far as they have.

Yes, I know it's a rather plain and generic message, but positive words go a long way.  Unfortunately, not as far as negative words.  Sturgeon's Law (90% of anything is bad) says that there will be far more negative than positive.

I have, in the past, run into some of the toxic players.  Fortunately for me, many of the players were friendly, and I'm genuinely grateful for the help some of them have provided. 

I'm a moderator on a couple of sites, I know how bad it can get, and how bad a lax moderation policy can affect things.

But still, this thread is about thanking the Clementine Crew for their work, so again "Thank You!"

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I like PSU.  It is fun.  I liked it then, I like it now.  I started Clementine 5 days ago after hearing about it for years.

Everyone is nice, everyone is friendly.  I want to grow the community in game and out.

Please don't shut the server down.  It has been down all day for me.

We are just now forming large groups and boosting each other to new heights.

Please dont shut it down.

PS:  I like the Symbol Chat from PSO.  It was fun in the sun.

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