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TTF for PSU quest idea


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I had an idea for a custom quest for PSU, not sure if it's possible but it would go like this:

Mission: Forest

Boss: De Ragan

Mission: Caves
Boss: De Rol Le

Mission: Mines
Boss: Adahna Degahanna

MIssion: Ruins

Boss: Dark Falz worm phase and 2nd phase


Then a V2 quest, similar to Respective Tomorrow:

Mission: Desert Terror
Boss: Dimmagolous

Mission: Stolen Weapon

Boss: Magas Maghanna

MIssion: Castle of Monsters
Boss: Alterazhog

MIssion: Seed Awakened
Boss: Dulk Fakis 1st and 2nd phase

Also, I'd be semi-curious on what's involved to make these quests. I don't know much about coding, but if someone has an insight how to do it I wouldn't mind helping out.

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The first one actually already exists as a retail event called Protectors ζ (zeta) http://re-psupedia.info/Protectors_ζ. It even has secret style objectives for minimum and maximum kills like the original. Quest making is an annoying process due to the tools available not being as indepth as something like Qedit for pso1 so it has a lot of hex editing still. Respective tomorrow would be a neat idea and since there is a beach map, you can sort off have 1 part be similar and get creative with VR ruins and spaceship. Unfortunately if you wish to try and learn how to make quests, you would need access to the quest nbl files which I wouldn't know where you could get them but the tool itself is freely available for editing them made by Agrajag https://github.com/Agrathejagged/tenora-works, it would be the generic parser that would read and somewhat organize the quest file itself. Some day the community can start working on making some mission files but when ever that might be who knows, would be fun to see a bunch of peoples takes on new missions regardless of their balance. 

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