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Rumbling Ruins Bugs


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Twice in the last two days I've had Rumbling Ruins S2 glitch up on me and become incompletable. Both times it's happened in the south area (the one with the laser fences around the edges of the room) - enemies simply wouldn't spawn, and I couldn't do anything but abandon the mission. Both times were fairly late in the mission, too. I've ran Rumbling Ruins fairly heavily in the past and never had this happen before, so I suspect it's the result of a recent update (though I can't be 100% sure). Will post again if I figure out how to reliably reproduce this.

Edit: Just happened to me a third time, this time in the east area.

Edit #2: And then it happened three runs in a row, all in different blocks. Guess it's time to find another mission to run.


Also, this fail condition isn't working

  • If any party members are incapacitated without Scape Dolls, the mission will end.

I can die, go back to lobby and re enter the mission fine (well, 'fine' - it causes infinite loading unless I was in the final room already, in which case it does let me re enter fine).

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