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Foverse, Nagrants, and Regrants change ideas


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As a long time Masterforce, I've been thinking that maybe a few Techs could use some changes to make them more worth using, because they, imo, have some issues with them. 

Foverse - I think it would be preferable if Foverse had a duration instead of a limited number of hits. Take away the damage and flinch it does and just have it tag nearby enemies with the TP / MST debuff. The current version lasts for 30 hits, but that disappears very quickly if you run into a group of enemies, which is quite common, especially as MF using Gi- spells on everything. Would just be nice to be able to keep the spell active longer, helping maximize offensive tech power. Not a 6 min duration like normal buffs though, maybe 2-3 min at most, although maybe more if the debuff strength was nerfed. 

Regrants - This tech is theoretically good for locking certain enemies down, but due to situations like that being quite limited, it feels like a wasted light AOE attack because it will blow most enemies out of range after one hit. And on top of that, you will quickly reduce your HP to 1 and any other enemy breathing on you will kill you. I think it would be better if it was turned into a general-purpose AOE (without damage reflection) that has blowdown like Megiverse so that it can trap lots of smaller enemies with a channeled attack that is weaker than normal Gi- Techs. It would be great to have a light version of a GI-Tech so that we don't have to cast Grants on everything. 

Nagrants -   Currently this spell has a tendency to go around or above certain enemies, making it easily miss lots of the hits, so it would be nice if the range could be extended in such a way that it won't miss pannons and other small enemies a lot. 

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The only one of these that is feesable is regrants and we will likely not change it to that behavior. Believe it or not Nagrants was worse before release and went around bigger enemies all the time. There isn't much we can do about the small enemies aside from making it girthy but the tech wasn't really made for that and it wouldn't match the visuals.

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