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Just five silvers, sir?


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For the September event we were given the gift of 5 silver coins at the casino.
......Can we keep that?

It makes playing there so much fun!, I already got the items i want although one can never have too many twin rappy daggers, but not the point.

It's the fun! so many people come there to play the wheel and the slots and it was such a good time, just like the old days on the ps2 system.

It foesnt really hurt anyone, so.. maybe can we keep it, and keep the good times a rollin'?

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The casino weapons are not powerful enough to make it extreme indeed, also their power dosen't grow with grinders, only their PP pool. And if i remember correctly,  they're also untradeable. So only can be used by the person whom exchanged it, and at certain point, we wouldn't use them anyways. This change g ives the new commers whom prefer to stay out of getting power leveled, could still get items that would help them early game.

I totlly endorse this one ❤️


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