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Head unit in between Har / X and Hyakka


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Gearing a Techer has very steep power bumps. Rods and Wands are high TP weapons, so going from a cheap weapon to a rare BiS is a difference of hundreds of TP. Units also feel quite extreme. There's Har / Quick or Har / Smart where there's a penalty like -100 TP or reduced range, then the next step up is Hyakka which is +200 TP but SR.

I feel there should be a head unit in between Har and Hyakka, in the 10★ to 12★ range, with a similar rarity to Vijeri / Resist or Paradi Cataract, so that Techer players can hunt that before Hyakka if they want a somewhat smoother gear curve. Though possibly with drawbacks if there's concerns about maintaining Hyakka's market value. A couple ideas:

Lumirus / Kaos Mage (11)

An experimental GRM upgrade unit. Lowers MST (mental strength) but increases TECHNIC speed and power.

  • +120 TP
  • -100 MST
  • 300% TECHNIC Speed

Lumira / TECH Blitz (11)

Upgrade unit for armor. Increases PP usage and boosts TECHNIC speed and power.

  • +135 TP
  • 150% TECHNIC PP Consumption
  • 300% TECHNIC Speed
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Having more unit depth would allow for better customization as a whole, Maybe even open possibility for other set bonuses and new custom gearing progression rather than just shijin/ouryu , or Ryukoh/ w.e waist unit.
It goes from hyakka, to ouryu, to yasakani, and yasakani is a M A S S I V E jump, and there's no in-between.

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I think there's no issue in having a 200 or 300% casting unit with 50-75 TP on it. Part of the issue though is that Hyakka was made too rare for a non-endgame unit. It has half the TP of yasakani (endgame head unit) yet is on the hardest enemy to farm efficiently in the game on top of having a horrendous drop rate. 

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