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Pom-Pom dosen't charm


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4 hours ago, Seority said:

I've used it and I've seen it work, but it doesn't proc a lot

But shouldn't a LV 4 SE should proc easy?

I mean... Come on a tech, a bullet effect, or even a melee weapon with say... lv 1 freeze proc at all in a single mission, and i tested it on two missions, that day. Today i've did a raffon run, with a little group. and still nothing. (For the record, i didn't used the fists only that time)

I mean i do agreed with what you say, but the monsters dosen't die fast if you test them without PA :P

4 hours ago, Seority said:

It's still a cute weapon though.

yassss ^_^
But i originally i wanted a charm weapon for my AF, i feel a little ehh about it. However the stats and the looks make it up enough, that they're weren't a bad decision. ^_^

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