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As of late, I've been a big fan of randomizer mods. They bring life back to games I've already played ad nauseam in interesting and sometimes humorous ways. I would like to see PSU get a randomizer mode because I think it would be fun for all players, if it's possible to add that is. It will be split into 3 different categories, or tiers, of randomization, and I'll go into detail below on how I would like those to look. As usual, I'm always open to feedback on the idea. (I'm typing this at 1:25AM, so please bear with any mistakes and some lack in structure/formality <3)


The Foundation:

There will be 3 random missions that are chosen to have one of the 3 randomizer types. These will rotate every week. They will be toggleable/selectable modes, so that the new player/vanilla experience of a mission isn't ruined. The option to add boosts as an incentive for players to get out of their comfort zone is up for discussion; not my call though. If this were added, I would say it should increase with each tier of difficulty and be on the small side. 


Come up with a neat name for this, please. (Tier 1):

For the first tier of randomization, it'll be a simple global element swap with the potential for resistances also randomized. For example, Plains Overlord [symbol for randomized mode tier 1 goes here] will now have all light element mobs X week. Also, all enemies will have tech resistance as an overrideIt's extremely important for this to be an override and not an addition. To add and elaborate, you do not want to add more than one resistance, in my opinion. If you add more than one resistance, you risk having some weeks for this tier that just completely invalidate an entire race. Every race can play at least two attack types. So with this bit of randomizer, it would encourage more class variety than we already have, which is nice.


Something, something, can you go fast? (Tier 2):

The second tier. It will swap all the enemies in the mission of the week to something random based on archetypes/categories. Small/Large mobs will have a pool of other small/large mobs they can be swapped with. Same scheme with mini-bosses and the boss, if the mission has one. I feel this will be the category that'll give Time Attack players something to sink their teeth into, as they will need to make new strategies each week to time attack these tier 2 randomized missions. I don't time attack on PSU however, so I could be totally wrong.

Chaos Mode (Tier 3):

I'm sorry, this tier is a complete meme. It will be similar to tier 2, but it will pull no punches with what each spawn can contain. You may have a spawn with 6 Pannons, a spawn with 2 Lutus Jiggas, an Ethan Waber, Magashi, and 2 Badiras. Though, if you're really unlucky... Oops! All SEED-Magashis. It depends on the week and what the game can handle. If it's a complete shit show, just don't play it, as the boost wouldn't be huge anyway. Good luck.



Something that perplexed me for awhile was that once you finished grinding all your gear and getting all the things, there was nothing left beyond time attacking, hoarding meseta, or waiting for the next new mission to come out, if there was anything new to even come out after that. There would be nothing left to do, nothing to keep your brain active and fresh, and nothing to use that hard earned gear on. This addition would provide a means to keep the content we have, and the game as a whole, from getting stale. Hopefully, it would also be easier to upkeep than constantly needing to make new missions to sate people's appetites.

On the other hand, it would also make for some interesting scenarios of the stars aligning where you will have a mission with very good area drops, that also has enemies with very good specific drops, and in an extremely well laid out mission.

Lastly, I always have had an issue with monotony in any MMO. I get tired of running the same thing over and over just to get a drop, and I feel other people may have the same feelings. I think this system will remedy that somewhat and add a nice change of pace every week. I will be able to focus more on having fun with running missions, and hopefully something neat will drop that I can use or sell to progress towards the thing I was initially farming for.

Anyway, I am curious how you all will feel about something like this being implemented, and am eager to hear feedback. As always, Thank you for reading. <3

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I think its already meh to have different layouts (especially when you want TA / hunt something specific) so this "rogue like" design is not really for me.  What was proposed in the topic of missions seems more interesting to me, since this randomizer mode adds RNG on RNG, which becomes nauseous.

BUT, well, why not ? Depend on how its handled, for which kind of reward, could also be a gimmick for a custom event, why not.

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If this is technically feasible it'd be pretty neat. Would give you something new to screw around with every week. Sure the end result might be a shitshow some weeks but that's part of the charm of random missions - seeing the crazy stuff the RNG comes up to whack you with.

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On 7/26/2021 at 11:35 AM, Aelphasy said:

I think its already meh to have different layouts (especially when you want TA / hunt something specific) so this "rogue like" design is not really for me.

If the layout for mobs specifically was consistent, would that make it more appealing to try and mess around with each week? I think only having one layout versus three like normal missions, let's say, would take away from some of the fun though. Regardless of that being said however, I would like to understand what parts of TA are frustrating.

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About your idea, it could be complementary alongside other proposals. But design is like a recipe : too much salt or y and it's inedible, not enough salt or x and it's not good. So behind the concept its really dependant on how its designed. The point is that its far more easier to make a "regular" custom mission with succes (like the one we had previous event who was great imo) than doing that kind of stuff. But again why not. Basically my reproach was very personal.

About speedrun If you want to TA a particular mission, there is always one layout faster than another, so you have to "farm" the good one to be competitive, which is annoying.

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